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Alex Danvers wears a protective suit when doing field work for the D.E.O..


Winn Schott made the suit for Alex to use in the battle against the Worldkillers.[1]



  • Kryptonite light blaster: The suit includes a Kryptonite blaster that resembles the atom blasters.
  • Magnets: The suit's gloves are magnetic, which allow Alex to pull her weapons towards her if disarmed. She has also used the magnets in the suit to make a magnetic shield to defend herself or to contain explosives.
  • Maaldorian laser pistol: During a rescue mission on Maaldoria, Alex acquired an alien pistol from a fallen Maaldorian alien which uses laser bullets.[2] The pistol can send any target over a large distance and has even proven strong enough to take down Daxamite soldiers and a White Martian, albeit weakened from J'onn and M'gann. Following the constant attacks from the Worldkillers, Winn has upgraded the gun to use Kryptonite bullets.