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For the Supergirl episode, see "Alex".

Alex Danvers is an individual who served under "Superman" in an alternate reality created by John Deegan.


Early life

When Alex was seven years old, she and her parents went to Nagano, Japan for the summer. Alex was homesick, so one night a girl from the village helped her sneak down to one of the temples. Alex wrote a note and placed it in a crack in the wall in the hopes that it would come true. That same girl then taught her a rhyme, "yubikiri genman, uso tsuitara,", which means "pinky swear".

"Superman's" servant

When John Deegan created his second Elseworld using the Book of Destiny, he rewrote Alex Danvers' life into that of an agent who served under him and took care of his prisoner Kara Danvers.

At some point, Alex went out for a few dates with an employee from IT, who then moved on from her and dated Pam from HR.

Three weeks prior to Deegan's defeat, Killer Frost attempted to persuade Alex to take a day off, to which she declined, as Alex believes that work is too important for her to miss. Killer Frost then attempted to persuade her the next week, and the week after that, still, to no avail.

Kara tried to convince her that she knew her very well as she was her adoptive sister in her universe. She didn't believe her until she revealed she knew facts about her childhood. She then realized that the man she believed to be Superman had merely rewritten history using the Book of Destiny.

When Deegan appeared before them in the corridor after she released Kara, Alex then claimed to be Kara's sister, before attempting to kill them. However, it was at that exact moment that Superman, Cisco, Oliver, and Barry appeared. Superman attacked John and sent him through the roof. Oliver attacked Diggle and Killer Frost, but Alex mistook Barry for an enemy, to which Kara confirmed that he was otherwise.

She then led them to "the Fortress of Solitude", but Barry realized it was the time vault. They found the book, but Kara could not use it, as it was too strong for her. As a result, the book was given to Superman, who managed to turn reality back to normal. She later witnessed Barry and Oliver regain their abilities and outfits as they got out to stop Deegan.

Alex and Kara then locked Frost and Diggle in the pipeline and talked for one more time before Kara and the others fixed reality.[1]



Season 4


Behind the scenes

  • The guy from IT that Alex dated who went on to date Pam from HR may be a nod to the FX series Archer, where the head of HR at the fictional clandestine organization ISIS is named Pam.