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"I'm a force of nature? Barry's the Flash, and you two birthed me? That makes you what? My parents?"
—Alexa Rivera[src]

Alexa Rivera, nicknamed Fuerza by Cisco Ramon, is a resident of Keystone City and the host of the Strength Force.


Early life

Alexa was a former drug addict, which made her life very bad, she got clean and later became a field supervisor for Keystone Care, wanting to help people.[1] Sadly, though Alexa has five years clean, her parents no longer want anything to do with her; so Alexa experienced loneliness and rejection.[2]

Host of the Strength Force

Alexa became the host of the Strength Force. She experienced blackouts during her transformations, waking up in strange places not knowing where she had been or what she'd done.

Fuerza attacks the Flash.

Alexa was at Central City with a team to build low-income housing the night Abra Kadabra showed up with the intention of destroying Central City; he destroyed their worksite, making her very angry and transform into Fuerza.[1] When the Flash convinced Abra Kadabra not to destroy Central City, she emerged from underground, causing a brief earthquake and killing Abra Kadabra with one punch. She then held the Flash in her arms but soon after she was upset and left.[3]

Following these events, Fuerza first attacked the Speed Force itself, followed by Bashir Malik, leaving it badly injured enough to seek Team Flash's help.[4]

Alexa meets the Flash.

After returning from the past where he battled Deon Owens, Cisco Ramon realized that Fuerza was the host of the Strength Force.[5]

Weeks after Fuerza attacked, Alexa was in Keystone City helping people when Barry Allen and the Speed Force, in the form of Nora Allen, came to investigate seismic isotope readings. The two talked to Alexa and wanted to test her as a meta-human but Alexa refused.

Alexa is tested.

Shortly, the Flash arrived and convinced Alexa to go to S.T.A.R. Labs to be tested.

At the facility, Alexa was tested, but did not transform into Fuerza. Suddenly, she was blasted by lightning wielded by the Speed Force and killed.[1]

Working with Team Flash


Alexa being erased from existence.

Caitlin Snow collected Alexa's body for tests and observation. Later that night, Alexa began to fade from existence. Later still, Alexa's body was animated for a moment and a tremor shook S.T.A.R. Labs, causing Iris West-Allen and Barry to ask Caitlin questions. After a brief discussion, Iris and Barry simultaneously touched Alexa's body; electricity left them and entered Alexa, causing her to awaken.[6]


"Maybe I'm not strong enough to stop Bashir, but Fuerza is?"
"You want me to fight him?
—Barry Allen and Alexa Rivera[src]

Alexa asked many questions about her resurrection; Caitlin explained that Iris and Barry had "cosmic DNA" which made them "her parents", power-wise, and that power, the Strength Force, revived her. Alexa allowed herself to be tested on her ability to access her powers; though Alexa was scared, she allowed it. However, during her initial training session, Alexa, only accessing part of her power and without fully transforming, was able to escape containment and to hurt Cisco Ramon, slapping him hard.

Later, Alexa overheard a conversation between Team Flash where Barry wanted to use Alexa as a weapon against Psych; Alexa remained afraid, but Barry was insistent, causing Alexa to run away from the conversation. Caitlin explained to Alexa Caitlin's relationship with Frost and told Alexa to treat Fuerza as a split personality. Caitlin gave Alexa a cerebral inhibitor so that Alexa could communicate with Fuerza. Barry apologized to Alexa for pushing her too fast.

Alexa and the Flash talk to Psych.

Alexa went with the Flash to stop Bashir Malik from harrassing Lucas Sharpe.

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Alexa returned with Bashir to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Team Citizen was armed, preparing for a fight, but Alexa and Bashir were more interested in arguing with each other, so the women left them alone.

As Alexa, Bashir, Iris, and Barry talked, Deon Owens and the Speed Force suddenly appeared. As Barry was frozen in time, the Speed Force zapped the other three. When Barry was allowed to move again, he found the three on the ground and the Speed Force with Deon had disappeared.[2]

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Godspeed War

According to a conversation between Deon Owens and Barry Allen, Alexa and Bashir was helping the Speed Force fighting Godspeed clones in Speed Force Dimension when Deon is helping Iris to get rid of a force.

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Alexa is a kind and caring individual who loved helping other individuals. She had a drug addiction for years, becoming clean, she was ashamed of her past as it made her parents estranged from her.

After Alexa find out that she is Fuerza; she became terrified of being a monster.

Powers and abilities


"She was the strongest."
Speed Force[src]
  • Strength Force connection/Meta-human physiology: As a host to the Strength Force, Alexa draws all of her power from it and is directly linked to it.
    • Superhuman strength: With the possible exception of Kryptonians, Despero and the Monitor/Anti-Monitor, Alexa's overall strength dwarfs that of almost every other being in the Multiverse including normal humans, other meta-humans, aliens, cyborgs and androids. As the embodiment of the Strength Force, the level of physical force she is capable of exerting is practically limitless. She was able to easily pick up the Flash and throw him around like a ragdoll and rip Psyche's energy-tentacles off of herself in battle. When fighting the Speed Force, Alexa created a massive shockwave that knocked her down by smashing the ground.
    • Superhuman agility: Alexa as Fuerza is able to jump much higher and move better than normal humans and most other meta-humans.
    • Superhuman stamina: Alexa as Fuerza is able to be more active longer normal humans and most other meta-humans; without the need to rest.
    • Energy absorption: Alexa as Fuerza absorbed the antimatter energy blast from Abra Kadabra's bomb and the lightning thrown by the Flash.
    • Bioluminescence: Alexa's eyes change color to glow blue when she uses her powers.
  • Connection to other forces of nature: Alexa as a force has a connection to her siblings, and as such can communicate with them telepathically.


  • Bilingualism: Alexa speaks English and Spanish, as she understood the translation of the cryptonym given to her by Cisco and later communicated with the Strength Force in Spanish.[2]


  • Geothermic isotopes: Similar to Bashir Malik and Deon Owens, Alexa gives off traces of geothermic isotopes, allowing her to be easily tracked in either form.
  • Other forces of nature: Despite how powerful Alexa is, she could still be overpowered by the other forces such as the Still Force and the Speed Force.

Former weaknesses

  • Lack of control: Initially, Alexa had no control of herself as Fuerza, being just a puppet of the Strength Force.[1] However, after using the mental activity dampener to talk to the Strength Force, the two understood each other and decided to work together as one from now on.[2]


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Alexa Antigone, also known as Fuerza (and ever so rarely known as Powerhouse), hails from the South American nation of Corto Maltese, where she is an anarchist who battles against her corrupt government. She is a conduit of the mysterious cosmic force known as the Strength Force, which provides her with a vast assortment of powers to wage her war on corruption. Although they clashed initially, she eventually teams up with the Flash to take on the corrupt police force of Corto Maltese, and better understand their connections to the Strength and Speed Forces respectively. She debuted in The Flash #59 (January, 2019).