Alexi Burov (died 2019) was a general and an amateur of cage fight.


Early life

At some point, Alexi was born in Leningrad. At some point, he studied law at Leningrad State University. For 14 years, Alexi was a KGB foreign intelligence officer and raised rank from Lieutenant to General. At some point before he disappeared and joined the Bratva, he worked on a project called the Pulse Wave Generator.


In 2019, Alexi was watching a "boring" fight at the Bloodbath, until Anatoly Knyazev interrupted him with Oliver Queen who search the plan of the Pulse Wave Generator. Alexi made a deal where he would give him the plan if Oliver won a fight in the cage. He watched the fight with amusement when Oliver won it. As a man of honor, he tried to give the plan to Oliver but was murdered by Oleg who wanted to take his place.[1]



Season 8


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