Alfred Hitchcock was a famous movie director on Earth-1.


During his career, Alfred Hitchcock became a famous film director. Cisco Ramon was amongst his fans.

One movie Hitchcock directed had a known goof in which an extra covered his ears before the gunshot.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • Alfred Hitchcock was a real-world movie director well known for his suspense and thriller movies. His career, spanning six decades, led to a filmography of more than 50 directorial works, a lot of which are considered classics and inspired generations of filmmakers, as well as originating some of the techniques still used in the movies to this day.
  • The movie containing the goof in question is most likely the 1959 classic espionage thriller North by Northwest, in which a child extra in the background knew when the gunshot would occur from previous takes, so he covered his ears in advance.


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