"My name is Alfred Pennyworth, and I have a story to tell."
—Alfred Pennyworth[src]

Alfred Pennyworth is the butler of Bruce Wayne and in his absence, the Birds of Prey.


Alfred worked as butler for Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor,[1] after raising him to adulthood.[2]

Following Bruce's leaving New Gotham City, Alfred began helping out Barbara Gordon and Helena Kyle. When they brought in Dinah Redmond, he helped to look out for her, bringing her fresh clothes and cooking her breakfast. He talked with Barbara, discussing his wish for Helena to live at Wayne Manor, given it was actually her birthright.[1]

Dinah confided in Alfred, who was almost hit when she had earlier thrown a batarang, that she didn't believe Helena liked her, as she always pissed her off, but Alfred expressed his belief that being able to piss someone off was directly proportionate to how much they liked one.[3]

When Helena brought a baby to the clocktower, the women were overwhelmed, but Alfred,who had brought a bassinet, simply sat back as he was taking time off. He later gave some clothes to Helena for Guy when he woke up, because his powers would make him older and need much larger clothes. Helena confided in him about how she was happy to be raised by Barbara.[2]

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