Alfred Pennyworth is the father of Julia Pennyworth and a close friend of Bruce Wayne under the code-name Eagle.


Alfred at some point learned that Bruce Wayne was Batman and began operating under the codename Eagle. He had a daughter, Julia, sometime in his adulthood.[1] He later moved to London after Bruce Wayne left Gotham City.[2]

Alice, knowing Julia's parentage, threatened that Alfred would need to go coffin shopping for Julia if Luke Fox did not tell her the contents in Lucius Fox's journal.[3]

When Tommy Elliot disguised himself as Bruce Wayne, he met Julia at Crows Security where she asked if he contacted her father, using his code-name. Tommy, confused, said he had not and Julia told him to contact him in his cottage as Glasgow. However, Tommy's confusion with Alfred's code-name led Julia to discover his true identity and report it to Luke and Mary Hamilton.[4]



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  • According to Julia Pennyworth, Alfred was one of the only two known individuals with whom Bruce was completely open (the other one being Lucius Fox).[1] Because of that, it is highly possible that the Wayne Tower Wi-Fi password is named after him.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Alfred Pennyworth is the trusted butler of Bruce Wayne and the Wayne family, making him Batman's manservant and most trusted ally. He debuted in Batman #16 (February, 1943).
  • In the comics, Eagle is Alfred's codename on Earth-One.


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