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Ali is an alumnus of Central City High School. She dated Mick Rory while attending high school. She became pregnant by a future version of him and had a daughter whom she named Lita.


Ali was a classmate of Mick Rory, Tiffany Harper and Freddy Meyers at Central City High School. Mick didn't get to go to prom with her due to being sent to a juvenile detention center around that time. When they reunited at the class reunion in 2004, Mick tried to deny who he was but gave in, and he and Ali went to make out. She was killed by Kathy Myers in the school's shop classroom causing Mick to become infuriated. When the Legends managed to stop Kathy in 1989, Ali's fate was undone and she and Mick were making out during the reunion where he showed her "his gun", the Heat Gun, while the rest of the team got a group photo.

Ali and Mick with Lita in an alternate timeline.

This resulted in her and Mick conceiving their daughter, Lita. She tried to contact Mick after learning about her pregnancy but he was in jail again unaware she was impregnated by the present day 2020 Mick who had become a time traveler. She decided not to tell him and went on to raise their daughter by herself although Lita eventually figured out his identity after Lita learned from her mother that her father was using Rebecca Silver alias when he was a book writer. When Rory and Zari visited them and after some talk between them, Rory used Time Bureau memory wipe device. Ali and Lita forgot that Mick came to their house.[1][2]


When Ava Sharpe convinced Mick to incorporate himself into certain points of Lita's life, the first thing they did was to bring a crib Mick stole from the Victorian Era to present as a gift to Ali and Lita. Ali was amazed by this and that Mick was helping Ava track down the "worst criminals in history", which hinted to his time traveling adventures while also hiding that fact.[3]

Ali and Lita in Loomworld.

Ali allowed Lita to have a father-daughter weekend with Mick.[4]

When the Fates changed the world so that free will was a punishable offense and all worshiped them, Ali sat with Lita, watching "Star Trip", a television show in which "Dahn" was the main antagonist. She thought Dahn was hot which nauseated her daughter. She hugged her daughter when the show was cancelled.[5]

Months later, Ali allowed Lita to spend time with Mick;[6] after a "The Smell" concert, Lita was returned to Ali.[7]


Ali disliked Mick Rory for what he did. The four months during the Fatewatch part of Loomworld seemed to give her a better impression of Mick, whom she now knows helps keep time safe from disastrous criminals and other insanity.


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