"My fellow Americans. Over a century ago, this nation erected a monument in New York Harbor. A Statue of Liberty. That statue looked down upon Ellis Island, where thousands of immigrants came to seek refuge from a home country that didn't want them, that wouldn't have them. But America took them in. That is our story! The American people today stand as one with history. No longer will our alien visitors be strangers - committed to the shadows, forced to the fringes of a hostile and unwelcoming world. They will be granted the full rights and privileges of American citizens. The Statue of Liberty will stand for aliens, too."
Olivia Marsdin[src]

The Alien Amnesty Act is a framework that not only allows aliens to come to Earth anytime they want, but it also grants them the same equal rights as humans. The Alien Amnesty Act was initiated by Olivia Marsdin, the then-president of the United States on October 24, 2016.[1]

Following Olivia's resignation, the law was repealed by President Phil Baker and Secretary of Alien Affairs Ben Lockwood in March 2019.[2] The legislation was later reinstated by vice president Plastino in May 2019 after Baker was removed from office.[3]


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  • The Alien Amnesty Act was originally stated to be an executive order enacted by President Olivia Marsdin.[1] Later though, when Ben Lockwood tried to repeal the law, it was stated to be an Act of Congress that the president signed into law.[4]


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