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Not to be confused with the Totems of Zambesi.

The AllStone Totems are Fifth Dimensional magical artifacts.


Each Totem's true form is a crystal shard, each one a different color. The sole exception is the Destiny Totem, which is shaped like a star. The Totems—which were hidden across Earth—can be disguised as literally anything. If the Totems are brought together, they can be combined to form the AllStone, a magic crystal that gives the user total control over all creation: energy, matter, magic, and even life and death. It was created thousands of years ago by Jyrryd; an ancestor of Mxyzptlk.

After Jyrryd was defeated, the AllStone was split into seven Totems which were scattered across the multiverse. Every world has its own set of Totems.

To find the Totems, one would need Jyrryd's crystal; a magic crystal orb, with a blood relative of Jyrryd trapped inside. The crystal will divine the locations of the Totems at seemingly random times.

When one is seeking the Totems, they must be acquired in a specific order, and the Courage Totem is first. When a Totem is found, any potential wielder must submit themselves to a test of character that must be passed before the Totem's power can be unlocked.

The Totems can never be truly destroyed; even if a Totem's vessel is damaged or completely obliterated, its essence will find a new host.

List of Totems

Courage Totem

  • Color: Red.
  • Disguised as: The slingshot that was allegedly used by David to kill Goliath. Nyxlygsptlnz and the Superfriends fought over it at the Museum of Science and Technology in National City, resulting in the artifact being split in half.[1]
  • The Courage Totem can fill anyone with courage. It can also strip courage away, thereby instilling paranoia and/or freezing a person with fear.

Humanity Totem

  • Color: Orange.
  • Disguised as: A wooden pendant made from the wood of a tree that Buddha once sat under. It was sold to an MMA fighter in National City by a Buddhist monk whom he had studied with. Apparently, it helped keep the fighter focused.[2]
  • The Humanity Totem can fill anyone with humanity like it did with Nyxlygsptlnz to the point where one of her goals was to save the snow leopards from extinction (though this also sapped humanity away from those around her).

Hope Totem

  • Color: White.
  • Disguised as: The Hand of the Flower; a statue resembling a large flower, carved from the throne that once belonged to Elpis, the Greek goddess of hope. It was placed at The Hauge in The Netherlands as a talisman of peace. In order to remove it from the large rock it is fixed into, one must pass the Totem's gauntlet.[3]

Dream Totem

  • Color: Blue.
  • Disguised as: Not disguised as anything. It was originally housed in the temple of the Oracle of Delphi. When the Dorians invaded in 1100 BC, the Oracle hid the Totem in the safest place she could think of; the Dream realm.
  • J'onn deems this one particularly powerful amongst its brethren as it allows its acknowledged holder access to and dominion over so-called Dream Energy; a trait that's otherwise exclusive to Naltorian Dreamers.[4]

Love Totem

  • Color: Pink.
  • Disguised as: A small pink stone disc, somewhat resembling a rose, located in Inês de Castro, the corpse bride of Portugal. The grave of famous lovers located in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Upon Nyxlygsptlnz's attempt to obtain it, the Totem vanished before her very eyes; as, according to Brainy, legend says that the Totem seeks out love, and is repelled by hate (with Supergirl pointing out that Nyxly obviously wanted it for hateful reasons). It subsequently reappeared in Alex's possession a short time later when that latter was attempting to propose to Kelly Olsen back in National City. In the struggle against Nyxly that followed the Totem's reappearance, the Love Totem was blasted by the energy of the Courage Totem; the latter of which was being wielded by J'onn J'onzz in conjunction with Supergirl utilizing the Humanity Totem—combining the latter two Totems' powers in an effort to subdue Nyxly. Damaging the Love Totem in the way that the Superfriends had accidentally done caused the Totem's power to seek out a new host; the Totem's magic then settled in Esme's body, causing a tattoo of a rose to appear on the back of her neck.[5]

Truth Totem

  • Color: Green.
  • Disguised as: An old camera; a device that never lies. It was kept by a collector in a vault filled with numerous historical artifacts from around the world.
  • The Truth Totem can be used to make people tell the truth.

Destiny Totem

  • Color: Purple.
  • Disguised as: A ball of yarn that was part of a statue of the three Fates at the ruins of St. Vassily's cathedral in Prague. The three Fates are Clotho, who controlled the destiny of mortals' births; Lachesis, who controlled the destiny of mortals' lifetimes; and Atropos, who controlled the destiny of mortals' deaths. Clotho was a spinner, weaving the thread of destiny.[6]


Each Totem requires someone seeking the Totems to pass a trial—also known as a "gauntlet"—which tests the individual's strength of character in regard to that Totem's specific attribute to prove that the seeker is worthy of wielding the Totems. Each gauntlet is triggered by the seeker holding the Totem and speaking the word "cgyrzyx".[1] The Totem Oracle will give them a challenge associated with the Totem. If the person doesn't meet up with the requirements, the Totem Oracle will quote "You have failed". If the challenger does meet up with the requirements, the Totem Oracle will let the person know that they have passed. Once someone has passed, the Totem will transform from its disguised state to its true form.

If a Totem gets split into pieces, then multiple people may attempt to pass its gauntlet with each piece. In this case, the first person to pass will become the sole wielder and the other piece(s) will fly to one belonging to the person who passed the gauntlet and reunite.

In the event that a Totem is taken from the wielder who passed its gauntlet, it will return to its disguised state until someone else can pass its trial.

Courage Totem gauntlet

The Courage Totem on display at the Museum of Science and Technology.

"Face your past... Face yourself... Face the moment you lacked true courage."
—Totem Oracle[src]

For this test, an individual seeking to pass the trial is confronted with a simulation of a moment when their courage failed. In order to pass the gauntlet, the individual must determine what they did wrong at that time and figure out what they should've done differently. The true nature of the Totem's test is about having the courage to be vulnerable.

Kara failed her gauntlet (which manifested as the night she'd become Supergirl. More specifically, a time she chose not to help someone being mugged after she saved the plane for fear that the person might see her face.[1] Kara later realized that the reason she failed the gauntlet was because of her fear of somebody learning her secret identity)[7] with her half of the Totem (which had been split in two by Kara in the Superfriends' fight against Nyxlygsptlnz over the object), while Nyxly also initially failed her gauntlet (manifesting as the day she and her brother had attempted a coup against their father. In the vision, she stabbed her father; something she had hesitated to do in real life) with the other half (as a result, as explained to them by a Kryptonian witch, breaking the Totem unleashed its power onto everyone in its vicinity when it split, and, each time someone failed the broken Totem's test, it would cause anyone who'd been near it when it broke to receive a massive boost of courage, making them extremely reckless).

Nyxlygsptlnz successfully completed her trial a short time later after another attempt (in which she expressed how much her brother's betrayal had hurt her). This caused her to gain control of the full Totem, and prompted both halves of the Totem to turn to their true form and subsequently caused the broken pieces of the Totem to reunite in her possession (with Kara's half being drawn to Nyxly, and Kara ultimately realizing that the only way they'd be able to contain the broken Totem's power would be to allow it to be made whole; thus leading her to let her half of the Totem go to Nyxlygsptlnz, since, even though the Superfriends had managed to physically contain it and keep it away from Nyxly, they couldn't constrain its power) and left Kara with an empathic link to Nyxly; causing her to be able to perceive Nyxly's emotions at random times.[1]

When the Superfriends worked to beat Nyxly to the Love Totem, they decided to use the Courage Totem as a shield against the power of the Dream Totem; the latter of which Nyxlygsptlnz had in her possession. In order to do that, J'onn went into his own Courage Totem gauntlet. This manifested as the day he'd lost his family in the Martian holocaust. J'onn passed the gauntlet by fighting to protect his children at the cost of his own safety in the Totem's simulation; but even though he passed the gauntlet by putting up a fight to protect his daughters, he was unable to save them in the gauntlet.[5]

Humanity Totem gauntlet

The Humanity Totem in the possession of an MMA fighter.

"The Totem can only belong to one of ready heart. Is that you?"
—Totem Oracle[src]

Upon Nyxly's activation of the Totem, she was asked whether she was one of ready heart; as only someone fitting that description could wield the Totem. Upon answering "yes", she found that there was apparently nothing more to the Totem's test. In actuality, the Totem itself is the test; upon answering yes, the Totem releases a shockwave and everyone within range will lose all sense of compassion and empathy, all of which is channeled into the Totem's wielder.

Nyxly learned this after traveling to the Netherlands when trying to find the Hope Totem a short time later—when she was told by her accomplice, Mitch, to kill a security guard in order to reach the Totem they were searching for—she found that she couldn't do it as she'd suddenly become overwhelmed with care for the loved ones the man would leave behind if she killed him—(this occurred due to the fact that Lena Luthor had attempted to use a spell to amplify the Humanity Totem's energy signature so she and the Superfriends could locate it, and therefore find Nyxlygsptlnz. However, the spell backfired and made people who'd been made violent by Nyxly's activation of the Totem even more violent. As Nyxlygsptlnz realized a short time later, when she'd unleashed the Humanity Totem's power, it drained all humanity from anybody in the Totem's vicinity (thus; the reason for their behavior)—and all that humanity had been channeled into her).

When the Superfriends realized what was happening to Nyxlygsptlnz—thanks to Kara's empathy link to Nyxly, gained after the trial with the split Courage Totem—they agreed to use that to their advantage, and make Nyxlygsptlnz's acquired emotions stronger by repeating Lena's mistake with the spell she'd used before to find the Totem. Ultimately this prompted Nyxly to return to National City—which is where she'd found the Humanity Totem and attempted the gauntlet initially—activating it again and throwing it away; thereby returning all the humanity to everyone, and returning Nyxlygsptlnz to normal as well; leaving her enraged at the fact that Mitch had allowed her to get rid of the Totem, which the Superfriends subsequently grabbed. However, due to the fact that Supergirl was closing in on their location, they were forced to retreat.[2]

Hope Totem gauntlet

The Hope Totem at the Hauge.

"To obtain the Totem, inspire a hope that burns longer and brighter than the sun."
—Totem Oracle[src]

The Hope Totem's test instructs the potential wielder to inspire a strong lasting hope.

The Superfriends were able to learn that Nyxly had found the Hope Totem in the Netherlands from Brainy searching through security footage from across the world, and subsequently finding out that Nyxly had gone there when they were dealing with the trouble caused by the Humanity Totem (with them only finding out about it now due to the fact that nothing had happened at that point, and, as Brainy stated, thanks to the limitations of twenty-first century technology). Looking at more recent data, Brainy found out that she'd just gone back there for another attempt at getting the Hope Totem. When Martian Manhunter and Supergirl confronted her, she retreated, but, due to Nyxly using the Courage Totem against them during the encounter, Corto Maltese and Kasnia, which were in some kind of conflict with one another, were holding a summit conference at the Hague in the Netherlands (which was in the exact building where the Hope Totem was located, with J'onn suspecting that the Hand of the Flower had been brought to the site of the talks as a talisman of peace), suddenly became hostile toward one another due to Nyxly's use of the Courage Totem.

Supergirl tried to claim the Hope Totem, and as J'onn J'onzz pointed out, inspiring hope is Supergirl's specialty. Nyxlygsptlnz felt the same way, and decided to let Supergirl pass the gauntlet for her.

After finding out that William Dey was writing news stories on the Superfriends (per his boss, Andrea Rojas's insistence), Nyxlygsptlnz kidnapped Willam from CatCo; threatening to kill him if Supergirl didn't bring her the Humanity and Hope Totems by sunset.

When the Totem wouldn't move for Supergirl, she, as a reporter, wrote about bad things happening in the world, but, in her writing, she tried to shine a positive light on the good things happening as well; that didn't work. She also tried helping people in various ways as Supergirl, and still couldn't get the Totem.

Corto Maltese and Kasnia wound up firing nuclear missiles at one another's nations, but when Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and Querl Dox managed to intercept the nukes and dispose of them by throwing them into the sun, the talks were able to continue peacefully. After this, Supergirl successfully passed the Hope Totem's gauntlet, and brought the Hope Totem to Nyxly. Due to a protective spell Lena whipped up, Nyxly experienced pain when she tried touching the Hope Totem, and thanks to William and Kara putting up a fight when she tried taking the pair of them hostage as she retreated, they got the Courage and Hope Totems both back (even though Nyxly had also demanded the Humanity Totem, Kara hadn't presented it to Nyxlygsptlnz during their confrontation; thus it had still been safe).

With the Hope, Humanity and Courage Totems now in their possession, the Superfriends agreed to destroy the Hope Totem (as they'd concluded that, since the Totems' magic influenced the qualities they embodied within the real world, they couldn't risk destroying the Courage or Humanity Totems, but they could still give others hope through their heroic actions) by throwing it into the sun in an effort to keep Nyxlygsptlnz from ever assembling the AllStone.[3] However, as Lex Luthor later revealed to Nyxly, a Totem's physical form may be destroyed but its power will then channel itself into something else; destroying a Totem is effectively pointless, as it will return in a new vessel, as demonstrated when Lex gave Nyxlygsptlnz the reformed Hope Totem.[5]

Dream Totem gauntlet

The Dream Totem hidden in the Dream Realm.

"You are not pure, Maeve Nal. You are a traitor to your blood, trying to take her power for your own."
—Totem Oracle[src]

The Minoans who housed the Dream Totem replaced its gauntlet with a maze that had to be navigated to reach the Totem. According to a medieval tapestry depicting the Oracle of Delphi's original instructions, which Maeve Nal found amongst her mother, Isabel Nal's, possessions after the latter's death, the journey to the Totem begins in a forest; which Nia concluded must be the same forest she often found herself in when entering her dreams. After finding the doorway out of the forest, one enters an endless plane of white spires, each of which are the dreams of humanity. The Totem can be found in the golden spire. Furthermore, the Oracle created a barrier around the Totem so that it could only be claimed by one of pure heart, mind and sight.

Also unlike other Totems, this Totem wasn't disguised at all; instead, it could be found in its true form. Maeve tried to obtain it, only to be repelled by a magical ward as the Totem Oracle deemed her unworthy.

With help from the Lexosuit's gauntlet and the A.I. associated with it, Nyxlygsptlnz managed to obtain the Dream Totem despite Nia's attempts to stop her. When Nyxly later placed the Dream Totem in the Lexosuit's gauntlet, it summoned Lex Luthor to Nyxlygsptlnz as he was the "secret admirer" that gave Nyxlygsptlnz the Lexosuit.[4]

Love Totem gauntlet

The Love Totem in Alex Danvers' hand.

"Fill your heart with love. Only then will love be given to you."
—Totem Oracle[src]

To claim the love totem, one must develop genuine love for another.

When Nyxlygsptlnz first attempted to access the Love Totem's gauntlet (by holding Esme's hand and saying "cgyrzyx", due to the fact that Totem's magic had settled in Esme's body), the rose tattoo that had appeared on Esme's neck when the Totem's power went to her began losing its petals. As Lex pointed out, that obviously meant that once the flower lost all of its petals, the Totem's magic would leave Esme's body and go to a new vessel. Ultimately, it seemed as though the gauntlet had not been activated.

While Lex wanted to extract the Totem's power from Esme by force, Nyxly refused to allow Lex to hurt the little girl. When Lex tried exposing Esme (and therefore, the Totem) to a burst of Fifth Dimensional energy (by shattering a crystal ball that Nyxly had trapped Mxyzptlk in in order to use the orb to locate each of the Totems) in order to access the gauntlet and his efforts seemed to fail, he tried resorting to using force as he'd previously suggested, but Nyxlygsptlnz stood firm to protect Esme from Lex.

Nyxly's efforts ended up being enough to access and also pass the gauntlet, as the Totem Oracle presented Lex and Nyxlygsptlnz with the gauntlet, and caused the Love Totem to assume its true form in Nyxly's hand. When Lex tried convincing her that his plan to get the Totem worked, Nyxlygsptlnz plainly stated that she and Lex were through.[6]

Truth Totem gauntlet

Nyxlygsptlnz with the Truth Totem.

"To see things as they truly are, you must reveal the truth within yourself."
—Totem Oracle[src]

When activated, the Totem will put the potential wielder in a simulation of the place where they currently are, but they will be alone. To pass the Truth Totem gauntlet, the challenger must acknowledge and confess their true and deepest motives, emotions and desires.[8]

Destiny Totem gauntlet

Supergirl with the Destiny Totem.

"In order to take the Totem, you must face your destiny without it."
—Totem Oracle[src]

Once activated, the Totem shows the holder vision of what could happen in the future. There does not seem to be anything more to the gauntlet than simply seeing the vision.

Upon Kara's activation of the Destiny Totem, she experienced a vision of what would happen if she let Nyxlygsptlnz and Lex get the AllStone. The Totem then reverted to its true appearance, but was taken by Alex, as the latter intended to give Nyxlygsptlnz the Totems, due to the fact that Nyxly was holding Alex's daughter Esme captive for a ransom of the Superfriends delivering all the Totems to Nyxly. Nyxlygsptlnz had taken this course of action due to the fact that she herself only had the Truth Totem, while the Superfriends, in addition to now having the Destiny Totem, had all of the other Totems in their possession (aside from the Love Totem, whose power was in Esme's body at that point; which was the primary reason Nyxly and Lex had kidnapped her to begin with).[6]

AllStone made whole

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When all seven of the Totems were brought together, they were drawn to one another, causing the AllStone to form on its own. Once the AllStone was assembled, a three-sided fight ensued over it between Nyxlygsptlnz, Lex Luthor, and the Superfriends.

Alex and Kelly's foster daughter, Esme threw the AllStone to the ground in frustration over the chaos. This caused the compete AllStone to split into three equal pieces. Before the parts could reassemble themselves into a whole, Lex, Nyxlygsptlnz, and Supergirl each grabbed a fragment.

Lex and Nyxlygsptlnz then engaged in a fierce battle against one another, using their parts of the AllStone against each other. The more they used their pieces of the AllStone, the more they began draining the world of the qualities the Totems embodied. This caused people all over the world to turn gray and become depressed.

The Superfriends pointed out that since Supergirl had a piece of the AllStone, she could use it to fight Lex and Nyxly and win. Kara refused, as she knew that wasn't the answer. She then flew off to figure out what she and her team could do to stop Nyxlygsptlnz and Lex and after seeing Orlando Davis speaking to a crowd of citizens of National City, telling them to stay strong, resulting in them getting their color back, Kara told J'onn that she knew what they had to do.[6]

Supergirl made a speech to the entire world, telling them to stay strong, and as they got their vigor back, Lex and Nyxly's pieces of the AllStone began to lose their power.[6] When the denizens of National City joined the Superfriends in standing up to Nyxly and Lex, the AllStone pieces in the villains' possession were completely drained of their magic. The duo was then dragged into the Phantom Zone by an army of Phantoms Lex had unleashed through a portal he'd opened. Once all the Phantoms had gone back to the Zone along with their two victims, the portal sealed itself.[7]


  • Conjuration: Nyxlygsptlnz and Lex were able to use their pieces of the broken AllStone to conjure various foes for the Superfriends to face during their final confrontation.[7]
    • Resurrection: Lex was able to use the AllStone to summon Supergirl's Nazi doppelgänger, Overgirl, and Earth-X Metallo as his allies in spite of the fact that they'd been dead for nearly four years. He was also able to summon Parasite, who'd been dead for about six years.
  • Energy projection: Someone wielding the AllStone (or, as seen with Nyxly, Lex and Kara, even a piece of the complete artifact) can channel powerful bursts of energy from the object for offensive purposes.[6]

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Season 6



  • The Love, Courage, Humanity, Truth, and Hope Totems seem to serve as power boosters for Dream and Destiny Totems, since they can only drain and boost emotions, while the latter two can actually affect the physical world.
    • The more Nyxly and Lex fought each other with pieces of the the complete AllStone, the more hollow everyone on Earth-Prime felt.
  • Six of the Totems embody the same qualities as the Paragons that saved existence from the Anti-Monitor Crisis. The sole exception is the Dream Totem, which replaces Honor.