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"Dear Lena. I wish I could say it wasn't personal planting a spy, stealing your research, but it is. Lex was working with Eve Teschmacher."
Alex Danvers

"All About Eve" is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-second episode overall. It aired on March 31, 2019.



The DEO breaks into L-Corp and discovers Lena alive just as a letter from Lex "statement of regret". Alex understands it and finds out about Eve. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are occupied with looking the world for Lex, with no karma and Supergirl feels like she's fizzled. Martian Manhunter attempts to utilize his clairvoyant forces to discover Lex and breakdown, falling through the sky. Supergirl spares him. Afterward, he discloses to her he believes it's identified with him done taking care of business of harmony and would like to interface with his dad's soul for counsel.

James gets discharged from the emergency clinic, however there are clearly symptoms to Lena's serum. He rebukes his sister's encouraging to relax. At the DEO, Supergirl appears with doughnuts and offers her assistance to get Lex. The president has them no longer working on this issue, however. Supergirl clarifies Lex had superpowers so Alex offers herself and Brainy. Colonel Haley hesitantly concurs. Alex and Supergirl choose they have to converse with Lena about Eve, yet Alex goes alone since Supergirl and Lena aren't on the best terms. Supergirl restores Brainy's Legion ring and gives Alex a sign watch. Alone, J'onn gathers his dad's soul.

M'yrnn without a doubt appears at counsel with J'onn yet he's not there to help. He's there to reclaim cymbals of harmony thus he does. J'onn crumples in torment. Lena visits her mom in jail. Lillian urges her and affront her, revealing to her that her companions will detest her in the event that they realized she had helped Lex. Back at L Corps, Lena chooses to help Alex and Supergirl discover Eve. The trio visit Eve's auntie however meets with cousin Bitsie. Shock. Eve restored Bitsie with the serum, uncovered by the way that Bitsie has superpowers. Bitsie guides them to a mystery lab.

At CatCo, James is managing PTSD something his sister gets down on him about and it doesn't go that well. Lena, Alex, and Supergirl discover Eve's lab and Supergirl finds the Harun-El. Lena concedes she made progressively, upsetting Supergirl yet Alex sides with Lena, with Supergirl eventually concurring that Lena really did great by making the Harun-El. She additionally concedes the pressure she's under, saying 'sorry' to Lena.

M'yrnn and J'onn talk, with J'onn kind of snapping and conceding who he really is, taking his full force and announcing himself the Martian Manhunter - precisely what M'yrnn was attempting to get him to do. At Eve's lab it's found that she was accomplishing something with the Metallo convention, eventually applying it to Otis Graves. One of the guineas pigs at that point rushes in and Supergirl, Lena, and Alex cooperate to stop him.

At the DEO, with Brainy's assist they with making sense of Lex was behind actually everything. Supergirl acknowledges she needs to go to Washington next and that they likewise need to reveal to James that Lex was behind him being shot, explicitly that Eve shot him. J'onn, at his office, is as yet talking with M'yrrn and acknowledges he can restore the cymbals to where they initially came with the expectation that somebody commendable will discover them once more.

While Kara informs James concerning Eve, news breaks that the Alien Amnesty Act was canceled, and it's uncovered that Eve is utilizing a picture inducer to imitate a Senator so as to get that going. At the jail, Lena goes up against Lillian with verification that Lex was going to slaughter her. In Washington, Supergirl hovers over the White House while James stands by to go inside the Oval Office for photographs with the remainder of the press. Supergirl believes she's discovered Eve yet it's a snare. Crippled by Lex's Lexosuit, Red Daughter - dressed as Supergirl - assaults the Oval Office. When the genuine Supergirl breaks free, it's past the point of no return.

In the fallout, the President announces Supergirl to be open adversary number 1, further establishing the counter outsider notion just as proclaiming military law. At the DEO, even Colonel Haley even understands that it wasn't Supergirl who assaulted. James goes to see his sister for help with his PTSD. At home, Kara attempts to call J'onn yet he's left Earth for Mars. Lena and Alex then dynamic the watch that Supergirl gave them. They need to help Supergirl demonstrate her blamelessness.



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