"God, that mask. It's like one of those porcelain dolls that's gonna kill you while you sleep."
"I thought it was more like a rag doll. Yeah, that's right. Still got it. Hold your applause."
Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon on Rag Doll
"All Doll'd Up" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 13, 2018.


Nora lets something slip about the future that devastates Iris. In an attempt to distract his wife, Barry asks Iris to team up to stop a new meta, Rag Doll. Meanwhile, Caitlin learns something about her father.[src]


  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Chris Klein (Orlin Dwyer) after signing on as a series regular.
  • This is the third episode of the series to not feature Jesse L. Martin (Joe West).
  • Ralph mentions "Calculon", a character on Futurama which Phil LaMarr starred in.
  • The story Cecile told Nora about Barry encountering golden giants called Grodans from an alternate past is a reference to the Grodans, who first appeared in The Flash #120 from 1961, where they are discovered by Barry Allen and Wally West when an earthquake combined with Barry's vibration accidentally sent them into the past.[1]
  • Cecile mentions "Barry" (Iris) singing in a middle school production of the musical Guys and Dolls.
  • The newspaper article Iris pulls up on Theresa Merkel mentions a reality show called Shark Cage. This is a parody of the real life show Shark Tank.
  • Ralph uses his stretching powers to swing from buildings to move through the city, having claimed to have gotten the idea from a comic book. This is a reference to the comic book superhero Spider-Man, whose powers allow him to shoot and hang from webs, thereby enabling him to quickly travel through the city.
  • Cisco named the four satellites previously owned by DeVoe Hal, Data, Robbie, and Colossus. These are all references to A.I.s in pop culture:
  • Two weeks have passed since the previous episode, "News Flash", as noted by Barry and Iris when discussing Nora. Interestingly, this episode also aired two weeks after the "News Flash", as the series was on break for one week due to coverage of the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.
  • When talking with Cecile, Nora can be seen drinking a Killer Frost drink from Jitters.
  • A deleted scene from this episode featured a meeting between Theresa and Iris. Theresa mentions Peter tried to break into their home to destroy the 52 letters sent to Theresa by her late mother; a likely reference to DC Comics' repetitive use of the number 52.[2]


  • When Cisco falls to the floor due to him vibing too many times, the blood from his nose is inconsistent from before he falls to when he hits the ground, it starting wet and in a large amount and ending dry and in a smaller quantity.




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