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"God, that mask. It's like one of those porcelain dolls that's gonna kill you while you sleep."
"I thought it was more like a rag doll. Yeah, that's right. Still got it. Hold your applause."
Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon on Rag Doll

"All Doll'd Up" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 13, 2018.



"All Doll'd Up" begins with Barry and Iris attempting to take a few to get back some composure of Nora, without much of any result. An alarm goes off, someone's taken a Monet painting from a nearby historical center. Barry's pursuing the dirtbike-driving offenders and Nora jumps on the comms, offering to help. She races on the scene and cuts Iris off. Barry and Nora stop the cheats.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris shouts at Nora for cutting her off and Nora releases on her, saying she never shows signs of change. Iris stomps off and upset and Barry advises his little girl to concentrate on how Iris is presently and not what she transforms into later on.

Sherloque is investigating maps with Caitlin, Cisco, and Ralph — the gathering is as yet attempting to find Caitlin's dad. Cisco offers to utilize his forces, despite the fact that they're not working completely. Cisco sees Thomas Snow in an office or the like, he's taking a shot at certain conditions on a blackboard. The gathering goes to the choice that Thomas must work at Hudson University.

Somewhere else in Central City, a prospective wedded couple are glancing through commitment presents when one of the crates opens and Rag Doll moves out. With the couple out of the room, Rag Doll takes the entirety of the gems. As he forgets about the window, he's seen getting away by one of the lovebirds.

The following day, Barry's inspecting the scene as Iris addresses the casualties outside.

Nora's grumbling about her folks to Cecile, reminds her they're doing everything out of affection. Nora's whining wears on her progression grandma so Cecile makes her set up a bassinet out of discipline.

The group gets a key to Professor Stein's old office at Hudson and they go there to have a go at discovering more information about Thomas. There, they discover a condition that implies that Thomas knew Caitlin had a metahuman within her the entire time growing up. Cisco consoles her that her twofold character isn't the motivation behind why Thomas left.

Cisco utilizes his forces again to vibe and get more data and a short time later, he sees his hands are beginning to drain.

At STAR Labs, Barry's attempting to look at the hair found at the scene yet the gear can't find any DNA.

Somewhere else, a land engineer at Seaver Architects is looking at building a skyscraper in Gotham when Rag Doll transforms out of the air vent. Barry and Iris are made aware of a bomb danger brought in at the structure and when Barry shows up, he observes Rag Doll moving go into the vent.

Barry spares the planner and the structure explodes.

At STAR Labs, Barry illuminates Iris regarding the meta he saw at Seaver Architects and the two run diagnostics to discover the meta's name is Peter Merkel, the child of a rich agent.

Barry and Iris spruce up to go to a supper Merkel's mother is facilitating soon thereafter. The two in a flash methodology Theresa Merkel and she knows they're there on task. She discloses to them she hasn't seen her child in more than two years.

Caitlin looks at Cisco at STAR Labs and illuminates him that the cuts on his hands are being influenced by the knife Cicada cut him with. Caitlin gets steamed that Cisco had been helping her throughout the day despite the fact that it was harming him and the two show at least a bit of kindness to heart about their kinship.

Soon thereafter, Barry and Iris proceed with their discussion about Nora. Iris can't resist the urge to contrast herself and her own mom. Barry advises her that should stop stress over who she may become and rather center around who she is currently.

Cecile and Nora are holding over the bunk and Cecile continues disclosing to her anecdotes about her dad. In a little while, Nora understands that the narratives aren't about Barry — rather they're about Iris.

Barry's investigating the case at home when he starts hearing a commotion. Iris calls him and the two are voice talking when Rag Doll sneaks in and thumps Barry out.

Iris races to STAR Labs and gathers the group, illuminating them that Merkel took Barry. Ralph's the main metahuman the group approaches now so he and Iris surge off the discover Barry.

Barry awakens on the head of a high rise with power-hosing sleeves on. Cloth Doll is torturing him, taking steps to send him to the brink. Barry diverts him long enough for Iris and Ralph to arrive and a stalemate results.

Caitlin calls Nora and enlightens her concerning the circumstance.

Back at the high rise, Rag Doll sends Barry to the brink and Iris hops off after him. She's ready to open Barry's cuff and he utilizes the structure to speed down the structure. Nora shows up similarly as the two arrive at the ground and Nora sees her mom spare her dad's life.

Ralph handles Merkel off the side of the structure and they bind him with Barry's sleeves.

The group accumulates back at STAR Labs and they're spouting over Iris' activities. Nora fragments off from the gathering and Iris discovers her in the cellar writing in her diary and the two offer some kind.



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  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Chris Klein (Orlin Dwyer) after signing on as a series regular.
  • This is the third episode of the series to not feature Jesse L. Martin (Joe West).
  • Ralph mentions "Calculon", a character on Futurama which Phil LaMarr starred in.
  • The story Cecile told Nora about Barry encountering golden giants called Grodans from an alternate past is a reference to the Grodans, who first appeared in The Flash #120 from 1961, where they are discovered by Barry Allen and Wally West when an earthquake combined with Barry's vibration accidentally sent them into the past.[1]
  • Cecile mentions "Barry" (Iris) singing in a middle school production of the musical Guys and Dolls.
  • The newspaper article Iris pulls up on Theresa Merkel mentions a reality show called Shark Cage. This is a parody of the real life show Shark Tank.
  • Ralph uses his stretching powers to swing from buildings to move through the city, having claimed to have gotten the idea from a comic book. This is a reference to the comic book superhero Spider-Man, whose powers allow him to shoot and hang from webs, thereby enabling him to quickly travel through the city.
  • Cisco named the four satellites previously owned by DeVoe Hal, Data, Robbie, and Colossus. These are all references to A.I.s in pop culture:
  • Two weeks have passed since the previous episode, "News Flash", as noted by Barry and Iris when discussing Nora. Interestingly, this episode also aired two weeks after the "News Flash", as the series was on break for one week due to coverage of the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.
  • When talking with Cecile, Nora can be seen drinking a Killer Frost drink from Jitters.
  • A deleted scene from this episode featured a meeting between Theresa and Iris. Theresa mentions Peter tried to break into their home to destroy the 52 letters sent to Theresa by her late mother; a likely reference to DC Comics' repetitive use of the number 52.[2]
  • A bonus clip filmed, but deleted, showed Rag Doll being incarcerated at Iron Heights and becoming acquainted with Weather Wizard, with the two planning to break out.
  • An architect talks over the phone to a man named "Novick" in Gotham City. Irv Novick was a long-time artist on Batman.
  • When Ralph lands on Rag Doll, he is shown moving around inside Ralph trying to get out, a reference to the chestburster in Alien. This suggests that Ralph swallowed Rag Doll whole.
  • When Rag Doll kidnaps Barry, he takes him to the roof of the Eaglesham apartment building, a reference Dale Eaglesham, one of the co-creators of the Peter Merkel Jr. version of Rag Doll in the comics. Eaglesham created the character, along with Gail Simone, as part of the villains united miniseries. The building is located on Simone Avenue.


  • When Cisco falls to the floor due to him vibing too many times, the blood from his nose is inconsistent from before he falls to when he hits the ground, it starting wet and in a large amount and ending dry and in a smaller quantity.
  • The characters pronounce the name "Khione" as "KEE-ohn." As a Greek word, the correct pronunciation is "kee-OH-nee."