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"I'm going to make sure Vince didn't die for nothing. I'm going to kill every last one of them, starting with Laurel."
Dinah Drake begins to seek vengeance again

"All for Nothing" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on February 1, 2018.



"All for Nothing" starts with Oliver meeting with Lance, Dinah, and the recently selected Captain Hill. Slope briefs the gathering that Cayden James is checking all traffic entering and leaving the city.

We see an ARGUS operator surface from the lake holding on, requesting orders from Oliver. At the point when Oliver orders them to go get James, the ARGUS operators in the water are shocked.

Back at his office, Oliver wires $70 million to James.

We see a news report saying that Cayden James has had a stranglehold on the city for eight days and supplies are beginning to get low.

Vincent approaches Dinah inquiring as to whether she confides in him or not. She kisses him.

In a flashback, we see Captain Singh presenting Vincent and Dinah on their first day at the Central City Police Department.

Vincent is seen meeting with Ricardo Diaz, the Bratva, and Cayden James at one of James' dens. There, Cayden uncovers that he doesn't care for shocks and insights that he realizes that Vincent is a backstabber.

Oliver and Felicity are talking at Arrow HQ. She advises him that once Cayden James is taken care of, she's anticipating going on their wedding trip. An alarm begins going off — Felicity's tracker is going off.

Oliver and Diggle merge on the area of the tracker and discover Vincent. As Oliver's preparing to shoot him, Curtis and Rene run out and advise Oliver and Diggle that Vincent is covert with Cayden James.

The two splinters of Team Arrow meet with Vincent about Cayden's arrangements. He uncovers that if Oliver enters Cayden's alcove, he'll explode the thermobaric warhead, leveling a large portion of Star City. In the wake of hearing increasingly about Cayden's arrangement, Felicity and Curtis establish that Vincent should go further covert to put a unique gadget on a server that will permit Team Arrow to impair Cayden's weaponry.

At Lance's office, he reveals to Thea that he's gotten the Earth-2 Laurel tailing him as of later, however at whatever point he goes to pivot and face her, she vanishes.

Dinah pulls Vincent aside and inquires as to whether Oliver's the one that put him up to do the mission, and Vincent says he's doing it voluntarily.

We see another flashback where Vincent and Dinah are as yet covert.

Curtis, Rene, and Dinah come back to the first Arrow HQ. They've accumulated to keep tabs on Vince's development. He's ready to get into the server room and once he begins moving the documents, Cayden strolls in and gets him.

Cayden approaches him, and through the Team Arrow comm frameworks, Felicity gives him a couple of lines to state about IT so he doesn't ruin his disguise. He's ready to divert Cayden long enough for the document move to finish.

Vincent can get outside of James' compound and transmits the records he removed the server back to Felicity and Team Arrow.

Cayden follows Vincent outside where he calls the last a double crosser and shocks him with an immobilizer.

At Arrow HQ, Dinah's getting stressed that she hasn't got notification from Vince in some time. She chooses to go to Helix, and Rene chooses to go with.

Cayden's scrutinizing Vincent, where he discovers Vincent is a metahuman with regenerative capacities. Cayden and Dragon disregard Vincent with Anatoly to get tormented.

Thea's helping Lance watch out for Laurel. He deceives her and can draw her to a spot with numerous photos of the Earth-1 Laurel. She gets annoyed and obliterates the screens indicating the photos.

Felicity tracks the area of the bomb when they at long last find Vincent being tormented. Dinah heads out to spare him, and Curtis and Rene join her.

The trio merges on Vincent's area and make brisk work of the protectors.

Oliver and Diggle go to the distribution center where the bomb is found and find that the stockroom is vacant, and rather, Cayden and his group have tied a bunch of regular citizens with explosives set to explode shortly.

Dinah discovers Vincent, and they're before long shaken by a blast. They recapture cognizance, and Dinah is caught under rubble. Vincent goes to help her when he's overwhelmed by Black Siren. He's speared on some rebar standing out of the divider. Dark Siren approaches Vincent and uses her powers point-blank, executing him.

Curtis and Rene surge in and salvage Dinah.

Dinah's back at Helix HQ grieving the loss of Vincent. Curtis and Rene educate her that Oliver and Diggle couldn't find the bomb, upsetting Dinah considerably more as she might suspect Vincent passed on to no end.

Oliver and Diggle come back to Arrow HQ and discover Vincent has been slaughtered. Felicity at that point gives them that they've revealed the homicide of Cayden James' child on tape.

Arrow is back at his office glancing through scrapbooks when Thea strolls in and discloses to him they may have been off-base about the Earth-2 Laurel turning great. She discloses to Lance that she's the one that slaughtered Vincent.

Oliver heads toward Dinah's to converse with her about the occasions prior that night. Oliver takes a stab at quieting her down, yet she vows on murdering each and every one of Cayden's kin - beginning with Laurel.


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