"I'm not Esperanza."
"Who are you?"
"I'm Allegra. Allegra Garcia.
—Allegra Garcia and Harrison Nash Wells[src]

Allegra Garcia (born February 23, 1999)[1] is a reformed criminal and an intern at The Central City Citizen. She is the cousin of Esperanza Garcia and an ally of Team Flash.


Original multiverse

Early life

Allegra Garcia was born into a family of criminals. Following in their footsteps, she became a juvenile delinquent and was frequently in and out of juvenile facilities for various crimes she committed. At the age of 13, Allegra was once arrested by Detective Joe West for robbing liquor stores. Joe often visited Allegra in juvie, but she would refuse to speak with him.[2]

Getting powers

Allegra blasted by the particle accelator explosion

Allegra blasted by the particle accelerator explosion

At some point, Allegra got into a fight with her cousin, Esperanza, and her gang at the Juvenile Facility when she wanted out of the latter's group group. When the Particle Accelerator exploded and surged across Central City, she and Esperanza were blasted with the waves of the dark matter giving Allegra and Esperanza the same powers of Electromagnetic manipulation. When this was discovered, she was eventually transferred to the Meta-human wing of Iron Heights.[2]

Arrested again

Allegra believed that her cousin was still alive, due to a series of murders that involved people being burnt to death with pure UV radiation. A witness of one of the murders noticed the tattoo on Esperanza's neck which Allegra had a matching ratio of; as a result, Allegra was mistakenly arrested by CCPD. Given no one would believe her hunches about her cousin being alive, she decided to plead guilty. She was almost charged with the max sentence of all crimes committed until Cecile Horton sensed she wasn't guilty with her empathic abilities and held off further prosecution and told Judge Hankerson she had new evidence to stall until she knew the truth. Allegra eventually made bail.[2]

Visiting the witness

Shortly after Allegra made bail she broke out of her meta cuffs and later went to the witness who claimed to have seen her at the scene of the crime due to Allegra and her cousin sharing the same tattoo. She went to the witness' apartment only to find him dead with ultraviolet burn covering his face. She was later seen by Iris West-Allen and Ralph Dibny in the apartment when they were also visiting the witness for an interview. Allegra in a panic accidentally blasted Ralph in the face with UV Blast and ran but was later caught by Joe West and arrested for parole violation. Allegra later tried to explain to Joe that she didn't murder the witness and was only trying to talk to him in an attempt to prove her innocence. She was later approached by Cecile who demanded to know who killed the victims but Allegra refused as she believed they wouldn't believe her if she told them and asked for her lawyer.[2]

Attacked at CCPD

Cecile guarding Allegra from Ultraviolet

Cecile guarding Allegra from Ultraviolet

During interrogation, Allegra had finally opened up to Cecile about the night she got powers and revealed that her cousin was also hit and that she was convinced she was dead but also thinks she may have committed those crimes as the witness ID'd her off a tattoo she and her cousin shared though she was in doubt and said it was impossible. Cecile later contacted Iris and Ralph to check the juvie records they had and see if they can pull up any file on Esperanza and they discovered she had been taken out of the custody of the juvenile facility and transferred to a very redacted organization revealing she had been alive the entire time. Shortly after Iris tried to warn Cecile their phone call was interrupted by an EMP causing the power at CCPD to go out. Esperanza attacked the officers are CCPD demanding they bring her Allegra or they would all burn. Cecile and Allegra later tried to escape but was later stopped by Esperanza. Allegra tried to convince Esperanza to stop and that she wasn't being herself. Esperanza confirmed her statement and said she only goes by the name Ultraviolet. She was unable to get through to her cousin. Cecile guarded Allegra and confronted Esperanza and told her she wouldn't let her hurt Allegra. They were almost blasted by Esperanza until The Flash showed up and fought off Ultraviolet and eventually was able to overpower her.[2]

Joining Central City Citizen

After her cousin had been stopped and apprehended by the CCPD, Allegra was cleared of all charges and was released. With the help of Cecile, Allegra was able to find a job as an intern at The Central City Citizen and was then hired by Iris and told not to touch the vegan donuts by Kamilla.[2]

The next week, Allegra finds evidence about Harrison Wells being alive after a security camera recorded him breaking into McCulloch Tech. Iris decided to keep this by herself, leaving Allegra out of this, much to her disappointment. Later, Allegra caught Iris and Cisco talking with the new Wells which made her angry as she realizes that Iris lies to her. Iris confront her about it and explain that she will eventually tell the truth but not now. Allegra then decided to stay instead of quitting.[3]

Meeting Nash Wells and using her power

Two weeks later, she finds Harrison Wells in Iris's office and asks him a question about how he's alive. The man introduces himself as Nash Wells and is searching for something that emits ultraviolet. His device eventually makes him deduce that the "something" was, in fact, someone since it makes him aware that Allegra is a Meta-human that can emit ultraviolet. Nash tells Allegra that if she helps him, he will give her the scoop of the century. Later, in the sewers, Allegra is impressed by the story of The Monitor, the Multiverse and discovered that the Flash's identity was Barry Allen. When she tries to use her power to break the Monitor's wall, she fails. Later, Nash would encourage her to try again and reveals that he has figured out that she doesn't use her power by fear of becoming like her cousin. Allegra tries again and succeeds, giving enough time for Nash to take a picture of the Monitor's code. Allegra would return to The Central City Citizen with Nash tired about the big day she had with him. Nash than leaves after taking one last look at her, while she falls asleep on the couch.[4]

The next day, she draws a Flash cowl on Barry Allen's face on a newspaper wondering if she should shout at her boss for lying again to her. She accidentally touches Iris' computer and sees a newspaper that would be released in two days, talking about the Flash's disappearance in the Crisis. When Iris enters, she closes the computer and learns Intel about how Esperanza was recruited. She tries to tell Iris if she should not be working on something else but she declines. Later, she confronts Iris for keeping the secret that her husband is the Flash and tells her that she should start writing about that crisis. Later again, they are on a crime scene where Iris' contact was killed and Allegra shows something that she found that emit UV.[5]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Allegra as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019, only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

New multiverse

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Allegra was originally a criminal during her youth. As an adult, she is now a regular citizen trying to get her life on track now.

Allegra sees herself as the light to her cousin's darkness and is afraid to become like her.

She liked Iris' articles in her Flash blog, since they were an inspiration for her in her convict days. That leads her to join The Central City Citizen.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Allegra was blasted by the dark energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, giving her access to her abilities.
    • Electromagnetic wave manipulation: Allegra is able to manipulate a range of different frequencies and wavelengths of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum.
    • Electromagnetic vision: The entire electromagnetic spectrum or most of it is visible to Allegra. She can tune her vision to interpret the various ranges of energy. She can see radio waves (which include AM, FM, and TV frequencies), radar, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, power waves, x-rays, gamma rays, and even cosmic rays.
    • Radiogenesis: Allegra is able to generate multiple forms of radiation.


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  • Multilingual: As a native Mexican, Allegra speaks Spanish fluently, in addition to English.


The Flash

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Allegra is 5 feet tall.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Allegra Garcia is the daughter of Wavelength and a criminal with the power of electromagnetism. Her first appearance in the comics was Titans #28.
  • Allegra and Esperanza was the second time in the series in which two family members were struck by a dark matter wave at the same time during a S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion resulting in both developing the same powers. The first time this happened is in season 1 of The Flash when Mark Mardon and his brother Clyde Mardon were hit by the dark matter wave which resulted in them both having atmokinetic abilities, just as Allegra and Esperanza developed radiogenetic abilities.


  1. In "A Flash of the Lightning", her birthdate is said to be February 23, 1992, yet she is shown to be dramatically younger and less mature than Iris, who was born in 1989. Her age is said to be 20 years old, and given that her file was viewed in October 2019, her birth year is calculated to be 1999.
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