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The Allen family is a prominent family who primarily live in Central City.


Henry Allen married Nora and they had a child named Barry.

When Barry was young, Nora was killed by Eobard Thawne, but the explanation of the murder was so bizarre that Henry was placed in jail for it and Barry was adopted by the West family. When he grew up, Barry, who visited Henry often, became a forensic scientist in hopes to prove his father's innocence, ultimately become The Flash. Eventually, Henry was released from jail after the possibility of a speedster killing Nora was introduced.

Zoom killed Henry in the Allen house to push Barry to his limits.

Demoralized, Barry changed time by saving his mother's life, but he later tried to correct his actions and allowed Thawne to kill her.

Barry married Iris of the West family since he always had a crush on her. During the wedding, Barry met a waitress who proved to be Nora West-Allen, his daughter from a possible future; eventually, though, she was erased from existence.

During the Godspeed war, Nora West-Allen returns to visit her father Barry at the Speed Lab, along with her brother Bart.

Known family members[]


  • Barry Allen's great-grandfather (Barry's paternal or maternal great-grandfather, Nora and Bart's future paternal great-great-grandfather; status unknown)
  • Barry Allen's great-grandmother (Barry's paternal or maternal great-grandmother, Nora and Bart's future paternal great-great-grandmother; status unknown)
  • Henry Allen's mother (Henry's mother, Barry's paternal grandmother, Nora and Bart's future paternal great-grandmother; status unknown)
  • Henry Allen (Nora's husband, Barry's father, Iris's father-in-law, Nora and Bart's future paternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Nora Allen (Henry's wife, Barry's mother, Iris's mother-in-law, Nora and Bart's future paternal grandmother; deceased)
  • Barry Allen (Henry and Nora's son, Iris's husband, Nora and Bart's future father)
  • Iris West-Allen (Barry's wife, Henry and Nora's daughter-in-law, Nora and Bart's future mother)
  • Nora West-Allen (Barry and Iris's future daughter, Bart's sister, Henry and Nora's future granddaughter)
  • Bart West-Allen (Barry and Iris's future son, Nora West-Allen's brother, Henry and Nora's future grandson)





  • Henry Allen (Nora's husband, Jay and Barry's father, Eve's father-in-law, Shawn's grandfather)
  • Nora Allen (Henry's wife, Jay and Barry's mother, Eve's mother-in-law, Shawn's grandfather)
  • Barry Allen (Henry and Nora's son, Jay's brother, Eve's brother-in-law, Shawn's uncle)
  • Tina McGee (Barry's wife)
  • Jay Allen (Henry and Nora's son, Barry's brother, Eve's husband, Shawn's father; deceased)
  • Eve Allen (Henry and Nora's daughter-in-law, Jay's wife, Barry's sister-in-law, Shawn's mother)
  • Shawn Allen (Jay and Eve's son, Henry and Nora's grandson, Barry's nephew)
  • Pollux (genetic clone of Barry Allen; deceased)