The Allen family is a prominent family who primarily live in Central City.


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Known family members


  • Barry Allen's great-grandfather (Barry's paternal or maternal great-grandfather and Nora's future paternal great-great-grandfather; status unknown)
  • Barry Allen's great-grandmother (Barry's paternal or maternal great-grandmother and Nora's future paternal great-great-grandmother; status unknown)
  • Henry Allen's mother (Henry's mother, Barry's paternal grandmother and Nora's future paternal grandmother; status unknown)
  • Henry Allen (Nora's husband, Barry's father, Iris's father-in-law and Nora's future paternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Nora Allen (Henry's wife, Barry's mother, Iris's mother-in-law, Nora's future paternal grandmother; deceased)
  • Barry Allen (Henry and Nora's son, Iris's husband and Nora's future father)
  • Iris West-Allen (Barry's wife, Henry and Nora's daughter-in-law and Nora's future mother)
  • Nora West-Allen (Barry and Iris's future daughter, Henry and Nora's future granddaughter; erased from existence)





  • Henry Allen (Nora's husband, Jay and Barry's father, Eve's father-in-law, Shawn's grandfather)
  • Nora Allen (Henry's wife, Jay and Barry's mother, Eve's mother-in-law, Shawn's grandfather)
  • Barry Allen ( Henry and Nora's son, Jay's brother, Eve's brother-in-law, Shawn's uncle)
  • Tina McGee (Barry's wife)
  • Jay Allen (Henry and Nora's son, Barry's brother, Eve's husband, Shawn's father; deceased)
  • Eve Allen (Henry and Nora's daughter-in-law, Jay's wife, Barry's sister-in-law, Shawn's mother)
  • Shawn Allen (Jay and Eve's son, Henry and Nora's grandson, Barry's nephew)
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