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"Perhaps the biggest hole is the one left by betrayal. Deceit, lies, mistrust. And this hole that we carry, that deep, deep pain, is the one that only we ourselves can heal from. Because once the person who cheated on us gets away with it, that pain never goes away."
—Ally Allston[src]

Ally Allston is the daughter of a late unnamed man and a late unnamed woman. She is also the founder and leader of the Inverse Society.

Ally wears her family pendant as a way of merging with her Inverse World counterpart, but after Lucy Lane got involved with the Inverse Society and one of her followers died, Lois Lane exposed her group in an article of the Daily Planet, which stripped Ally of credibility and forced her to use the dark web as a meeting room, but all this changed when she secretly recorded a video of Lois saying that she hates her. Eventually, Ally was arrested by the Department of Defense after she tried to open a portal to the Inverse World and some of her followers were apparently disintegrated. Eventually, she was released by Erin Wu and went to the Inverse World, where she used the pendants to merge with her alternate self.


Early life

Young Ally Allston.

Ally's family has believed for generations that there is a dark dimension where everyone has another half. In 1979, when Ally was a child, her father died, apparently as a result of trying to access the dimension. His will gave Ally full control of all his properties if she continued her work with a glowing diamond-shaped pendant, which she agreed to despite her uncle's warnings.[1]

Ally has written a series of self-help books based on her family's philosophy. At some point, she founded the Inverse Society, a self help cult, and recruited several other individuals into it, such as Lucy Lane, Heather Ackerman, and Kit Faulkner. Ally used the pendant as a way to allow people to travel to the Inverse World with the addition of drug overdose, a dangerous process that killed Heather Ackerman.[2]

Lucy Lane was one of her most faithful followers and took Ally's drugs in an attempt to see the Inverse World, but Lucy's sister Lois found her and saved her, believing she had tried to kill herself. Lois wrote an article of the Daily Planet exposing Ally and calling the group a cult, accusing Ally of being a con artist. Ally avoided criminal charges, but her reputation was ruined and the Inverse Society was forced into hiding in dark web chat rooms.[2]


Years later, Lucy tried to debunk Lois' story on a podcast and Lois invited her to Smallville so they could talk. Lucy asked Ally to meet Lois instead, and Ally went with several men to intimidate her.[3]

Ally giving the Inverse Society a lecture.

Ally arranged a meeting between Lois and Lucy at a hotel in New Carthage so that she could record Lois implying that the story was a lie. Meanwhile, Ally was giving an Inverse Society lecture, and realized that journalist Chrissy Beppo was undercover. However, this was a trap as Ally expected her to show up and showed Chrissy footage of Lois admitting that she hated Ally and wanted to bring her down. Later, Chrissy called Ally and asked them to meet so she would know the truth.[2]

During the interview, Ally drugged Chrissy and she passed out. Ally used the pendant to send Chrissy to the Inverse World and when she woke up, Superman and Lois arrived and told Ally that Dr. Kit Faulkner was killed and she was in danger. Superman's Inverse World counterpart tried to attack Ally, but Superman stopped him. Ally was annoyed.[1] Later, Ally was approached by Mitch Anderson, who said that Superman spoke of her and gave her the duplicate of her pendant from the other world.[4]

Ally and her followers try to enter the Inverse World.

Ally told Mitch that there was an Inverse World where everyone had a counterpart, and that with the pendants they could merge the two worlds. She told Lucy to stay behind as a "fail safe" in case her plan didn't work. Later, Ally, Anderson and a few of her followers went to the Shuster Mines and opened a portal to the Inverse World. However, most of her followers likely disintegrated when they tried to go through the portal. Superman arrived to save Ally's followers from harm; Anderson then stole Ally's pendant and passed through the portal unharmed. Ally was arrested by the Department of Defense and taken to their base, where she was interrogated by Sam Lane but said nothing.[5]

Merging with her alternate self

Merged Ally Allston.

"Ally merged, but she's not whole. She's become some kind of a parasite."
Lois Lane[src]

Eventually, she was released by Erin Wu and went to the Inverse World.[6] She arrived at the El Farm along with her counterpart, and the Inverse World version of Lana and Tal-Rho. Eventually, they got the pendants and managed to merge themselves, giving the pendant to Jonathan-El to do the same with his Earth-Prime counterpart.[7]

Later, the merged Ally went through the portal to Earth-Prime just as Superman and Tal-Rho were trying to destroy the fused pendants. She took the stone and drained some of Superman and Tal's energy, but John Henry Irons managed to get her to drop the Stone and hold on to it long enough for the Kryptonians to destroy it. Ally took the pieces back to the Inverse World, and after talking to Lana-Rho, she absorbed the Tal-Rho's life force, killing him.[8] Later, Ally returned to Earth-Prime to where her cult and Lucy Lane were, and after weakening Sam Lane and Superman absorbing their energy, and dodging John Irons' attacks, Ally went to the portal to talk to Lana-Rho and began to merge the worlds.[9] While merging the worlds in the space between worlds, Ally was attacked by John, but she managed to defeat him.[10]


Ally is very cunning, manipulative woman. Very charismatic, she excels in swaying people into doubting themselves and ultimately joining her cult. So driven in her goals, she is highly amoral, carrying little in what methods she must use to succeed or who must die from it, even if the victim is one of her followers. So confident in herself, she does not let setbacks worry her and is likewise not easily intimidated. Her nature stems from a deep-rooted loyalty to her family and their beliefs of "ascending". Shameless as her goals are, she truly believes she is doing justice for the world, saving it by making everyone "whole" by uniting with their Inverse World counterpart, giving her a messiah-complex.

Powers and abilities


Ally Allston using her powers.

  • Energy projection: When Ally merged with her Inverse World counterpart, she gained the ability to fire powerful blasts of energy from her hands. This energy was enough to even knock back Superman.[7]
  • Flight: Ally gained the ability to fly after merging with her counterpart.[8]
  • Telekinesis: Ally has the ability to move things with her mind, as she stopped John Henry Irons' hammer and striking it back at him.[8]
  • Teleportation: Ally can also fly via teleportation, which she used to catch Superman by surprise.[8]
  • Life force absorption: Ally gained the ability to absorb life force, which she used on Tal-Rho and Superman, greatly weakening them.[8]
  • Interdimensional travel: Ally is able to travel from Earth-Prime to the Inverse World whenever she wants.[8]
  • Invisibility: Ally is able to become invisible across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.[8]
  • Invulnerability: Ally has shown remarkable durability, seeing as she has tolerated substantial amounts of physical distress; for example, she has survived being hit by John Henry Irons' kinetic hammer without taking any damage.[8]
  • Superhuman speed: Ally moves at superhuman speed.[8]
  • Superhuman strength: Ally has superhuman strength.[8]


Former equipment

Allston pendant.

  • Pendant: Ally inherited a pendant from her family that is able to pass an individual from one dimension to another or merge them with their shadow-self.[1] Mitch Anderson gave her her Inverse World counterpart's pendant,[4] but the pendants were later stolen by Anderson when he went to the Inverse World.[5] Eventually, Anderson fused the pendants, creating the Oblivion Stone. The Allys used it to fuse together, and gave it to Jonathan-El to go to Earth-Prime and fuse with his counterpart.[7] Jon failed and the stone was confiscated by the DOD.[11] It was later destroyed by Superman and Tal-Rho using their heat visions.[8]


Superman & Lois

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Alexandra Allston was one of two Parasites created by Ruin along with her brother, Alexander.
    • Lois calling Ally a parasite in "The Inverse Method" and "All Is Lost", is a nod to her comic book counterpart, Alexandra Allston/Parasite. Her being able to absorb the powers of others is also a reference to the parasite, who manages to do the same in the comics.
    • The man with Ally at the reading of her father's will in "Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon" may be a reference to Alexander, as while not confirmed he is her brother, it is known that he is a relative of hers.
  • Ally currently serves as the main antagonist of Season 2 of Superman & Lois.