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Zano, also known as Dr. "Alphonse Luzano, is a former alien convict from Starhaven, who was imprisoned in Fort Rozz and marked as "Prisoner #2445". After his escape, he began to live a peaceful life on Earth as a college professor of astronomy.


Early life and imprisonment[]

The unnamed alien was born on the planet Starhaven. After one of his wives fell ill, he partook in interplanetary drug smuggling in order to pay for her medicine, but was caught on his first run. He was then sentenced to 18 years in Fort Rozz by Alura Zor-El. In Fort Rozz, he was known as "Prisoner #2445".[1]


When Fort Rozz crashed on Earth in 2003,[2] he escaped and masqueraded as a human college professor of astronomy under the alias Dr. "Alphonse Luzano".

One evening in February 2016, Luzano was leaving for home from his college when he was confronted by the Master Jailer, the last surviving guard of Fort Rozz. Luzano attempted to flee but was knocked down. Supergirl then arrived and he watched on as she fought the Master Jailor. The Master Jailor managed to trap her in chains before kidnapping and imprisoning Luzano.

Supergirl was later taken prisoner alongside Luzano. When she discovered her powers weren't working, Luzano pointed out the artificial red sun radiation that was suppressing them. He eventually revealed his past and how he ended up at Fort Rozz. Luzano assured Kara he didn't hate her mother for imprisoning him as he came to understand that while having good intentions, his actions were wrong. Luzano expressed that he desired to live a good life on Earth and became a professor, teaching his students about the stars, which reminded Kara of her aunt Astra. She promised to free Luzano but Master Jailer then arrived and disagreed, preparing to execute him. Luzano requested that Master Jailer at least release Kara, but was denied. Kara pleaded Luzano to look at her but he was resigned to his fate as the execution proceeded. Suddenly, D.E.O. agents interrupted by breaking through Master Jailer's ship. Luzano ran and took cover during the subsequent battle.

After Master Jailer's defeat, Kara brought Luzano back to his school, telling him he's served his sentence and had students to teach. Overjoyed, Luzano thanked Kara.[1]



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