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"Wasn't our country founded on a brand of vigilantism, Mr. Donner? The revolutionaries in the Boston Tea Party were certainly choosing justice over law."
—Altman to Adam Donner[src]

Mayor Altman (died October 2013) was the mayor of Starling City until he was killed by a rogue vigilante group known as The Hoods. He was one of Oliver Queen/The Arrow's supporters.


At the Starling Earthquake Relief Fund, Altman discussed the idea of vigilantism with Adam Donner, comparing The Hood and his copycats to the country's founding fathers. Laurel Lance approached them and Altman gave his apologies for the destruction of her former employer. He was suddenly called up to the lectern to give a speech. Altman attempted to inspire courage in the crowd in the aftermath of the Undertaking but was interrupted by The Hoods, who shot him dead.[1]


Altman received justice for his death after the Arrow defeated his copycats and left them to be arrested.[1]



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