Alvarez (died 2015) was a member of H.I.V.E..


Alvarez was the team leader of a group of Ghosts druing a robbery of Kord Industries, stealing cluster bombs for H.I.V.E.'s agenda. While the robbery was broken up by Team Arrow, the Ghosts were able to escape with the weapons.

At the next meeting of H.I.V.E. however, Damien Darhk scolded Alvarez for, in his opinion, not handling the problem. Darhk then used Alvarez as an example for the rest of the group, siphoning out his life energy in front of the rest of his men. Team Arrow invaded and broke up the meeting. Before he died, Alvarez revealed to Green Arrow that H.I.V.E. was planning to destroy the train station.[1]


  • Ghosts suit: Alvarez wears a protective suit, used by the members of the Ghosts, to hide her identity from his victims. It is unknown what materials it is made out of.



Season 4


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