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"An eye-for-an-eye mentality doesn't solve anything, son. Just makes the whole world blind."
—Alvin Pierce to Jefferson Pierce[src]

Alvin "Al" Pierce (died after March 30, 1987)[1] was a reporter of the Freeland Gazette. He was the father of Jefferson Pierce, and the grandfather of Anissa Pierce and Jennifer Pierce.


At some point in the 1970s, Alvin fathered Jefferson Pierce.[2] He soon worked as a reporter of the Freeland Gazette. In 1987, Alvin was leaked information by Peter Gambi about a vaccine which gave nine children enhanced abilities, but before his articles could be published, editor David Poe cancelled them. He did, however, publish a piece regarding Tobias Whale's corruption as a politician.[1]

After this, while walking home from work with a young Jefferson, who told Alvin that he wished he could come to work with Alvin everyday, who Alvin told him "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today", to which Jefferson jokingly told him that the quote was by Malcolm X. Alvin then noticed Peter Gambi was waiting on the side of the street, and told Jefferson to go wait in the car, Gambi then told Alvin that he shouldn't have the article on Tobias, and that if he continued to do this he would get himself killed, to which Alvin then told him that he was doing this because he had given Jefferson the vaccine and later found out it was tainted, Alvin then walked back to his car, as Jefferson watched from inside the car.[3]

Alvin is murdered by Tobias.

Days later, Alvin lectured Jefferson on how he was wrong about having gotten into a fight at school and suspended, he then left to go back to work, and told Jefferson to read the constitution in order to prevent Jefferson from watching TV all day, and that he would quiz Jefferson at dinner.[3]

Around a week later, Alvin was killed by Tobias because of the article he had previously written on him[2] when he stuffed pieces of his ripped up article in his mouth, as his son Jefferson watched in hiding.[4]


Original multiverse

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New multiverse

A year after the War for Freeland, Jefferson talked to himself about his feelings of failure; his conscious was represented as Alvin.[5]

Jefferson attacks Tobias Whale on sight, not forgetting that Tobias is Alvin's killer.[6]

JJ does not understand why Jefferson wants to keep Alvin Pierce's house, so Jefferson explains to her generational wealth and his desire for his daughters to inherit the house.[7]


"Peace ain't always peaceful, son. All the blood, broken bones, pain you suffered... only you'll ever know if it was worth it."
—Alvin Pierce to Jefferson Pierce[src]

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According to Alvin's son, Jefferson Pierce; he was a good man who "always did the right thing".[1] As a reporter, he risked his life to indict Tobias Whale.


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