"I see what is happening to our country. Divisiveness and discrimination. If we want to fight prejudice, people need to know about who we are as aliens and what we do. To lead as an example for others, I must be seen. It's not comfortable to me. But comfort is not my priority right now."
—Amadei Derros to Kara Danvers[src]

Amadei Derros is a resident of National City and an alien healer who heals other aliens; physically and spiritually. Amadei is also the ex-lover of Natalie Hawkings and the father of Elizabeth Hawkings.


Early life

At some point, Amadei made his way to Earth and settled in National City. Using his powers to help others, Amadei soon became a renowned healer, aspiring to help aliens physically and spiritually. His ultimate goal was to heal the human heart.

Amadei and Natalie news picture

Amadei and Natalie in many pictures together.

As a young adult, Amadei began a relationship with Natalie Hawkings. He gave out numerous interviews, appearing in many pictures together with Natalie until around 1998, when the couple eventually broke up. Unbeknownst to Amadei, Natalie was pregnant with their child, whose existence she kept secret from him. Amadei continued his healing work, but maintained a much lower profile for the next two decades.

At some point, Amadei learned about his daughter, Elizabeth, when she reached out to him. Elizabeth constantly sent Amadei letters, photos, and her school projects, engraving herself in his mind. Amadei tried to write back to Elizabeth and see her, but his efforts were blocked by Natalie.[1]

Amadei Derros healing

Amadei healing a child.

Losing his amulet and meeting his daughter

In late 2018, seeing the growing divisiveness and discrimination between humans and aliens, Amadei granted Kara Danvers and Nia Nal a chance to interview him. He stated that people need to see him and to lead as an example for others in order to fight prejudice, and that he may not be comfortable with all eyes looking at him, but it is not his priority as of the moment.

J'onn reads Amadei's mind

J'onn reading Amadei's mind.

Later that night, Cassian brought Amadei tea by his bed, as he always does. Natalie then stole the amulet on Amadei's chest for the Children of Liberty. His last thought before passing out was his daughter Elizabeth. Next morning, Cassian came to wake Amadei, but the amulet was gone, decreasing his life force. J'onn J'onzz, who was notified by Cassian, and Kara then went to see his condition. J'onn read his mind and saw Elizabeth, to which him and Kara went to her house.

A vigil was set around his home when devotees heard of the attack.

When the D.E.O. retrieved the amulet from Raymond Jensen, J'onn, Kara, and Elizabeth returned to Amadei's house and placed it back in his chest, restoring his health and consciousness. He then saw Elizabeth and thought he was dreaming, to which his daughter said otherwise. Amadei thanked Kara and J'onn for healing his heart by reconnecting him with his daughter.[1]


"It is my greatest wish to heal the human heart."
—Amadei Derros[src]

Amadei is pretty zen individual akin pacifist who believes his work will make life for other aliens easier. Although his previous attempts to meet his daughter were foiled by his ex making Amadei believe that his daughter didn't want him as "dad", but he still loved her as he was only thinking about her when he was near death. When she finally meet him Amadei declared that his heart was finally heal implying that he needed an personal void to fill up his empty space.

Powers and abilities



  • Amulet removal: If Amadei's amulet is stripped from his person for a long time, his life force will gradually drain until he dies.[1]


  • Amulet: Amadei's amulet is the source of his life force. It can continuously heal him as long as it is attached to his chest. With Amadei's physiology, he can also transfer his health to another alien to heal them.[1]



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