Amanda Westfield (born Morrison, first name unknown) is the former mistress of the late Justin Claybourne and the mother of the late Simon Morrison.


Morrison conceived an illegitimate son with her lover, Justin Claybourne.[1] She gave birth to the boy on April 21, 1986 and named him Simon Morrison.[2]

Around 26 years later in December 2012, Morrison attended Justin's funeral after he was killed by The Hood. She went into hiding after this and changed her name to "Amanda Westfield". Amanda apparently hadn't seen her son since leaving Starling City.

In February 2017, Amanda was visited in her new home in Opal City by Oliver Queen, whom she recognized as the mayor of Star City. Oliver asked for her son's real name, explaining how he was believed to be a serial killer. However, Amanda refused, considering her son's actions to be justified due to the pain stemming from his father's death. Oliver then left, assuring Amanda she can reach him if she changes her mind, though Amanda angrily stated she wouldn't. Unbeknownst to Amanda, Team Arrow secretly copied and pulled all electronic data from her house to figure out her son's identity.[3]

A couple of weeks later when Team Arrow came looking for Amanda, she had been relocated by her son.[2]

Amanda's whereabouts remain unknown after Simon's exposure as Prometheus and death.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the name of Prometheus's mother is unknown. The unnamed criminal worked in conjunction with her husband, Prometheus' father, until they were both were killed by cops. Prometheus desired to avenge his parents' death and went to great lengths to destroy all forms of justice.


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