Amarasia Oasis is an Indian restaurant located in Central City, two buildings next to Vogue Theatre.[1]


After Barry Allen and Iris West finished watching a zombie movie at Vogue Theatre, they walked passed the restaurant as Barry proposed to grab a bite; at the very same time, in the restaurant, held a meeting for the active members of the Darbinyan crime family, including Araz Darbinyan and his nephew, Raffi.[1]

When Raffi expressed concerns that perhaps the meeting was too public, Araz remarked that the front window of the restaurant had been replaced with bulletproof glass, so there was no need to worry. Kyle Nimbus disguised as an employee and locked down the place without their knowledge. As Araz talked about how their drivers were ripping them off, Nimbus began his attack. Though Raffi tried to shoot the front window to let out the apparent poisonous gas, Amarasia Oasis' bulletproof glass ironically became the ultimate downfall of the family.[1]


The Flash

Season 1


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