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For the titular character, see Olivia Marsdin.
"And yes, there will always be extremists like whoever attacked the bar, but overall, I think this country has made incredible progress. The president is about to celebrate the second anniversary of the Alien Amnesty Act, and for the first time on Earth, aliens are embraced as citizens with equal rights."
Kara Danvers to J'onn J'onzz

"American Alien" is the first episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 14, 2018.



"American Alien" opens with a montage of Kara flying far and wide, sparing individuals from a wide range of circumstances — halting a looter in Madrid and sparing a train from smashing in Kaznia. She flies back to National City to go to a question and answer session being held by President Marsdin.

Alex is preparing new DEO initiates when Brainiac-5 enters to advise her that the President is at the organization. Marsdin strolls in and educates Alex that she trusts J'onn settled on the correct decision in making her his replacement.

At CatCo, James salutes Kara on asking Marsdin the extreme inquiries at the public interview and Kara uncovers that James may be charged by the National City DA for uncovering himself to be Guardian. Lena pulls James aside and communicates worry over his examination — James consoles her that everything will be okay.

We see J'onn sitting around at an outsider care group.

Some time later, we see one of the outsiders from the gathering strolling at work when he's drawn closer by two partners in crime. One of the colleagues cut the tusks off the outsider's arm so they can utilize it to get to a protected office on the lab they're in. The outsider's ready to call Supergirl however when Kara shows up, she's immediately halted by new-age innovation the two colleagues brought with.

They get a caution at the DEO that Supergirl has collided with a road any Brainiac-5 takes off to spare her. After he opens the sleeves holding her down, Kara takes off to attempt to stop the assailants at the lab. They utilize a projectile to stop Kara again and they're ready to get away.

J'onn shows up and Kara uncovers to him that the aggressors entered the lab to take one of the office's EMP weapons.

Back at the DEO, Alex defies Brainy about taking off without reinforcement prior. Upset, Alex takes care of Brainy and reminds him to regard her requests.

Kara's in the lift when an apprehensive laborer runs in and we discover it's Nia, another correspondent at the association.

Briany calls Kara to reveal to her that the DEO has positive distinguishing proof on the burglars — kin Otis and Mercy Graves. Brainy illuminates Kara that he knows a partners of the Graves' — Lillian Luthor. Kara visits Lillian in jail, where her girl Lena is as of now visiting. There, Kara discovers that Mercy had recently been the head of security for Luthor Corp under both Lex and Lillian.

The outsider care group is getting together for another meeting when the bar they're in is assaulted with explosives. Kara shows up to talk with J'onn and despite the fact that the last demands that the two assaults of the scene are associated, yet Kara doesn't concur.

Alex and Kara get together for supper and the last notification her sister stress eating. Alex uncovers that Brainy is worrying her at work, to which Kara specifies that she's battling with J'onn after their earlier contradictions.

The Luthors are proceeding with their chess game in jail when Lillian questions her little girl about L-Corps' picture inducer innovation. Lillian sees Lena is annoyed by something and Lena raises James' examination. Lena at that point makes reference to that she needs to deal with all her recently bombed connections.

Brainy calls Kara with the area of the Graves' activity and Kara in a flash flies out there. At the stockroom, Kara reveals different PCs with different chatrooms pulled up — each having different individuals discussing how they need to slaughter all outsiders. She reveals plans that the graves drew up about assaulting President Marsdin's outsider culmination at Camp David.

Kara visits J'onn and discloses to him he was directly about a huge enemy of outsider development fabricating and illuminates him that there's an assault anticipated the President. J'onn will not assist, taking a uninvolved position on the issue. Kara takes off to the White House to attempt to persuade Marsdin to drop the highest point.

Not having any desire to give in to fear, President Marsdin will not drop the culmination. Rather, she arranges Kara to work with the DEO and Secret Service to increase security around Camp David during the highest point.

Kara's floating above Camp David when an EMP flies in and handicaps the entirety of the power. From the DEO, Brainy's rapidly ready to reestablish power, yet Kara sees two DEO specialists took out in the forested areas. The Graves have entered. the office masked at DEO operators.

The Grabes take a stab at assaulting the president, yet Alex frustrates the assault. In a pursuite with the Graves, Kara's just ready to stop Otis — who's immediately captured and taken to the DEO. While there, Alex sees Brainy wearing a portion of Winn's old garments and when drawn closer about it, the two start to reconnect.

Utilizing data she got from her mom, Lena offers proof to the head prosecutor to take care of one of her mom's illegal tax avoidance partners. In return for this new proof, the DA consents to stop any examination concerning James' job as Guardian.

The lead prosecutor has a public interview to declare that James won't be arraigned for past occasions, yet she cautions that if he somehow happened to battle wrongdoing as Guardian later on, he'd be accused of check of equity.

Kara and J'onn snatch a beverage at the bar and excuse one another. They're talking when a news report runs over with film of the death endeavor on President Marsdin. The news film uncovers Marsdin's actual way of life as an outsider.

The scene closes with Kasnians preparing Kara's doppelganger in a passage subterranean.



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  • President Olivia Marsdin mentioned that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower named Camp David after his son and grandson, who were both named David. In real life though, the camp was actually named after Eisenhower's father and grandson; his sons were named Doud and John.
    • However, it's possible the naming of the camp might be different in Earth-38's history.
  • The stock footage of "Madrid" actually shows Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary.
    • Also, the police at the Madrid museum wear the uniforms of Pamplona's local police.
  • The painting that Supergirl retrieves in Madrid is Velázquez's Old Woman Frying Eggs, which is not exhibited in Madrid, but at the National Gallery of Scotland, in Edinburgh.
  • On Netflix, Agent Liberty is written as [alien] in the subtitles, when in fact, he is the opposite.