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"Are you afraid of how the world will react to you now that they know you're an alien?"
"Of course. But you know what else? Fear sucks. It sucks. And I am so sick of feeling hopeless. Dawn doesn't come unless we want it to. But we don't have to wait for a new day. We are the new day."
Kara Danvers interviews Dreamer

"American Dreamer" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2019.




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At CatCo, Kara is working diligently on her editorial endeavors to uncover Lex while in a rear entryway somewhere else in National City, Dreamer manages a gathering of men badgering an alien. After, Brainy attempts to persuade Dreamer that she should be progressively cautious to stay away from fear themselves. At L-Corp in Lena's lab, Lena is attempting to switch symptoms of the Harun-El yet they find that each fit of anxiety James has brings out more superpowers. Brainy recommends they utilize a "mind royal residence" to assist him with controlling things since settling James' center injury will settle his frenzy.

While working, Kara thumps over a heap of documents and in doing so can out of nowhere observe things in an alternate manner. She likewise catches an Franklin conversing with his sister on the telephone. She happens to work for Amertek and needs him to interface her to the sister. Franklin likewise uncovers how awful things have become for outsiders as Lockwood is currently striking homes. Nia attempts to persuade Kara to get ready, yet Kara can't. Talking about Lockwood, he and his posse forcefully expel an alien from his home and family. It doesn't agree with George who is beginning to perceive that aliens are individuals with families and lives, as well.

Kara gets together with Franklin's sister, Edna, who has access to Amertek. She concedes that things are terrible there yet that she's concealing outsider faculty documents since she works in HR. Be that as it may, she's hesitant to help because of her very own paranoid fear presentation. At LCorp, Brainy enters James' psyche and they find that his injury isn't Lex-related. They're associated with his dad's burial service. Be that as it may, his sister says he wasn't at the burial service, so something isn't right.

Back at Amertek, Edna gets Kara into the records she needs. However when gatekeepers appear and begin glancing around while the women barely get away from it's sufficient to scare Edna into done needing to help. At L-Corp, Lena keeps on attempting to fathom the Harun-El extraction circumstance by utilizing the tech she found in Lex's cell, yet it continues falling flat, much similarly it appears as though Brainy's "mind royal residence" is bombing James. At CatCo, Kara makes sense of the association between somebody at Amertek and the dark spending plan from L-Corp. She goes to approach Lena for help, however Lena sends her away, annoyed that her friend hasn't been there for her.

Nia finds that the outsider bar is being utilized as a shelter for aliens, yet the Children of Liberty appear. George is with them, and he finds out that his closest companion is an alien as Dreamer drives the Children away, however the aliens feel reveal to her that no place is safe for them and that they will be back. At home, George Lockwood attempts to converse with his mother about his interests, however she just keeps up his dad's equivalent intolerant way of thinking about aliens. Afterwards, Nia goes to CatCo and talks with Kara about, what happened and Kara understands that what they have to do is have Nia, as Dreamer, be interviewed live on the grounds that she's both alien and human.

In the brain castle, James finds reality of his injury. On the day of his father's memorial service he went ahead, but two bullies took him and placed him inside a coffin. With Brainy kicked crazy, his sister goes in rather and encourages him process through the experience. Since she sees how embarrassed he was of the experience; she causes him move past it. Kara then does her interview with Dreamer, broadcasting the meeting all over the city. Dreamer clarifies that she is both human and outsider and that she was conceived in America, making her as much human and a resident as she is an alien. Lockwood is horrified, as a hybrid of human and alien means that the repeal will be reversed due to the fact it means tearing apart families, with the human members fighting against them.

Lockwood appears at CatCo to capture Dreamer, yet with the assistance of Alex and Brainy and even Franklin, the Children are driven back, particularly once empowered and overly controlled James instructs him to get out, conjuring the First Amendment. The following day, an enlivened Edna appears and gives Kara the data she needs. Lena, additionally motivated, appears and admits to Kara she was partially responsible of Lex's escape as she attempted to fix him. Kara excuses her and afterward, Lena unravels the code with regards to where the army installation is - Kaznia. George, no longer on his dad's side, connects with his companion. At that point, the brutality that Ben Lockwood has been encouraging hits home as he finds that the spouse of thealien he tore from his family has killed his own significant other, Lydia. Furthermore, on Mars, J'onn restores the symbols his dad offered him to the Desert of T'ozz, at last proceeding onward.




  • David Harewood becomes the first member of the main cast to direct an episode.
  • The title of this episode is a nod to a well-known concept "American Dream", which comes from the belief that in America, anyone can fulfill their dreams
  • In her interview with Kara, Dreamer self-identifies as an "INFP". This is a Briggs-Meyers personality designation for Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.
  • In the prelude, Brainy provides support from a van to Dreamer, much as Winn supported Guardian.
  • Dreamer's interview reveals a previously un-thought of loophole in the Alien Amnesty Act; hybrids born in America are not subject to it as they are legal citizens of the country. This would also apply to regular aliens born in the country.


  • Brainy talks to James about memories being like a watercolor painting. When Kelly says she needs a break, Brainy inquires whether his metaphor offended her. However, a metaphor is a term applied to making an example by saying that something is something else. Brainy's illustration of the situation is actually a simile, which explains something by saying that it's like something else.
  • When Kara is typing at the start of the episode she types "Was Ben Lockwood be a part of Cadmus?". It should be 'Was Ben Lockwood a part of Cadmus?'.