"Forgive my thuggish compatriots. I pay them to uphold a certain aesthetic... your shock is exactly what this establishment aims to cultivate."

"Amnesiac" is the owner of a rave club in Star City and dealer of illegal technology.


Amnesiac owned a rave club, characterized by Felicity Smoak as "an acid trip-techno freak show". The club was infiltrated by Felicity and Alena Whitlock, who were searching for a particular piece of tech: a Ghost Mirror Drive, or GMD. Locating Amnesiac's bouncers, the duo tried to demand an audience with the club owner, and were roughly brought before him. The man in a moving chair and regular suit revealed himself to them as Amnesiac, delighted by their shock. He questioned the duo's motives for seeking out a GMD, believing that Felicity and Alena might be government agents. Before he could do anything about it, a disguised Oliver Queen entered the room and knocked out Amnesiac and his bodyguards. Felicity then stole the GMD.[1]


Amnesiac was a cocky man, full and sure of himself, who considered himself more sophisticated than his "thuggish" bodyguards. He was proud of his "establishment" and paranoid of Felicity Smoak and Alena Whitlock's motives for trying to make business with him.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • High-level intellect/Economic acumen: Amnesiac was the owner of both a club and an illegal tech business.[1]
  • Technical knowledge: Amnesiac was a specialist in illegal technology.[1]
  • Stealth: Amnesiac was able to keep his operations under the radar, probably due to his mistrust of government agents and a hiding place inside his rave club.[1]


Former equipment



Season 6


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