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"And though my soul departs the Earth, I count my days 'till my rebirth. I will wait across eternity for my love to come back to me."
—Priestess Chay-Ara reading the dagger's inscription[src]

The Amon Dagger is a mystical Egyptian relic that was a present from Prince Khufu to Priestess Chay-Ara. It consists of the Nth metal and was used by Vandal Savage to kill Khufu and Chay-Ara. Thought to be magic, it was later revealed that the Nth metal in the weapon is Thanagarian technology.[1]


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Chay-Ara inspecting the Amon Dagger and translating the inscriptions.

The Amon Dagger was gifted to Priestess Chay-Ara by her lover, Prince Khufu, around 1700 BC. The dagger was sacred weapon, and it was said that only a high priestess could read its inscription.[2]

Vandal Savage, known at the time as "Hath-Set", eventually discovered Khufu and Chay-Ara's relationship. Enraged, he used the Amon Dagger to murder Khufu and then Chay-Ara.[3]

The Amon Dagger newspaper article found in Aldus Boardman's pocket.

After the death of Aldus Boardman, Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders found a newspaper article about the dagger kept in his suit, revealing that it was sold to a Russian man named "Sasha Mahnovski" on September 21, 1975. Recognizing the dagger, Kendra and Carter realized they could use it to kill Savage since the weapon was involved in their first lives' deaths. While Carter tried to help Kendra remember the dagger's inscription, which she eventually did, Ray Palmer, Leonard Snart, and Mick Rory headed out and tried to steal the dagger from Mahnovski's mansion, which turned out to be harder than expected since the owner was Vandal Savage himself. The rest of the team later arrived at the scene. Carter tried to kill Savage with the dagger, only to learn that Kendra must be the one to wield it in order to kill Savage. Carter then was stabbed by Savage with the dagger, dying seconds later.[2]

Weapon specifications

The analysis of the Amon Dagger on the Waverider.



  • Inscriptions: Written in lapidary hieratic, the inscription is a love poem that promises eternal love.[2]



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