"You see, unlike you, I did not have fancy scientists for parents. I did not collect scholarships or attend fine institutions. My career options were limited."
—Amunet Black to Caitlin Snow[src]

Leslie Jocoy,[1] better known under the pseudonym Amunet Black, is a crime lord in Central City, the former boss of Matthew Norvock and Caitlin Snow and the ex-girlfriend of Goldface.[2]


Amunet Black's record

Amunet Black's record.

Amunet is a major crime lord who sells stolen technology in the meta-human black market ever since the particle accelerator explosion in Central City. At the time of the explosion, she was working as a stewardess on a flight but after gaining her powers, her first victims were staff members who had previously groped her.[3] The CCPD has had trouble apprehending her because of her unrivaled strength. After some time, she let Matthew Norvock work for her.[4]

Employing Caitlin

Amunet owned technology that caught Caitlin Snow's attention, as she felt her Frost side getting stronger after leaving Team Flash. Desperate, she decided to use the technology, but in exchange for using it, Amunet made her the 'muscle' of her operations.

Six months later, Caitlin decided to leave her job at Amunet's.[5] Amunet then found a man she nicknamed "The Weeper", who was affected by the wave of dark matter after Barry Allen came out of the Speed Force. She kidnapped the Weeper and locked him in chains because his tears are psycho-active. She then proceeded to sell the tears as a drug at her bar.

After three weeks, Amunet sent Norvock to "pick Caitlin up" and return her to her job. Frost later confronted Amunet at her bar and attempted to get Frost back again for her to guard The Weeper, a valuable product in the underground market. Frost insisted on quitting, leading tension to build in their powers, until Iris interrupted them and left with Frost. Amunet let them be, making her "think she can walk away".

Amunet confronted Frost, surprised as she was expecting one of Amunet's lackeys. Amunet emerged victorious as she then repeatedly jabbed Frost's face with her metal fist, until the police arrived and were shot as well. Amunet looked back at Caitlin, who was suddenly gone.

Later, Amunet found businessmen who were interested in buying The Weeper, interested in using the meta's special tears to fabricate and mass-produce a new brand of narcotic. She then saw Felicity and Iris, who were caught attempting to interrupt the transaction. Amunet immediately recognized Iris from the bar. Caitlin shows up for a final confrontation, as Amunet ordered the men to fire at her, but Caitlin sent forth a powerful gust of cold and freezing air to knock Amunet's associate lackeys down, before emerging from the fog in her Killer Frost form, who protected herself along with Iris and Felicity in a sturdy ice dome. Amunet was ready for one last shot at the women, when Cecille turned on the crane magnet, which attracted Amunet's pieces of metal. Frost was getting ready to kill Amunet with a sharp icicle. Humiliated and defeated (deprived of The Weeper, her captive), Amunet vowed to ruin something for Frost one day, and escaped.[4]

Clifford DeVoe and his wife agreed to pay her a huge sum of money if she found the meta-human named Dominic Lanse and brought him to them unharmed. Unfortunately, she shot him in the neck when he was trying to escape her. She kidnapped Caitlin due to her medical experience to save Dominic. She brought Caitlin to Dominic and forced her to do surgery on him, threatening to kill her if she didn't. Caitlin and Dominic attempted escape but Amunet apprehended them and kept on close eye on them for the remaining procedure. Caitlin sneakily released sleeping gas during the procedure and Amunet and her men fell asleep. Amunet woke up shortly afterward and was about to attack them again before they were rescued by Cisco and Ralph. However, later Amnuet knocked Dominic out and presented him to Marlize.[3]

A few months later, Amnuet was given an offer by Gregory Wolfe to sell several metahumans to her and give them to Clifford Devoe. Later that same day, Ralph Dibny, disguised as Wolfe, went and sneaked into her base of operations and asked to stop the sale from occurring. During their conversation, Amnuet found out the Dibny wasn't the real Wolfe and chased him out of her hideout. Angry, Amnuet called the real Wolfe to ensure that the metahuman were still locked up which he lied to her about. When Amnuet arrived later on, finding that the metahumans had escaped, she was disappointed and decided to take down the metahumans herself. Before any of this could happen, Becky Sharpe knocked her out using her luck based powers.[6]


Amunet is shown to be highly intelligent as proven how she kept a low profile. She appears to have no remorse what she does shown what she did to the meta she called the Weeper. She appears to have a god complex when she battled Killer Frost and promised to make her pay. Amunet also seems to have an eccentric side to her nastiness. She speaks with courtesy and values manners despite the often barbaric and horrendous situations she is personally overseeing or causing.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Amunet was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her physiology.
    • Magnetokinesis: Amunet has a potent usage of magnetism, using alnico alloy, which is ten times as strong as steel to create "bullets" and a protective battle glove around her hand, form a metal vortex to fly away, and even expand into the form of a giant arm-shield. She can also call the pieces of metal to her arm from a distance.
      • Explosion inducement: By imbuing the AlNiCo alloy she uses with the energy of her powers, Amunet can cause her shards to become powerful explosives that are strong enough to destroy one of DeVoe's Enlightenment satellites.


  • Economic acumen: Amunet is a businesswoman, an owner of a club, a drug dealer and a leader of a meta-human protection services and an illegal technology black market organization.
  • Keen intellect: Amunet is a very crafty and intuitive individual, regularly able to see the true nature of the situation presented to her. She was able to easily see both through Ralph Dibny disguising himself as Gregory Wolfe and immediately deduced Barry Allen and the Flash being the same person purely from them having the same facial structure.
  • Skilled hand to hand combatant: Amunet has shown to have some rudimitary fighting skills, able to quickly disarm and knock out Harrison Wells.
  • Skilled markswoman: Amunet is skilled at using her alloy as projectiles to shoot at her victims. She used this technique on two CCPD police officers and Ralph, although the latter managed to avoid getting hit.


  • Stronger magnets: Amunet's materials can be magnetized by stronger magnets, leaving her out of range of her weapons.
  • Weight limit: Amunet's use for her powers require her to have small pieces of a particular type of metallic alloy at a close proximity to her. Also, her abilities do not appear strong enough to affect metal objects that are larger or heavier than the metal pieces in the bucket she carries with her. As such, she cannot summon the metal if something is obstructing the path of the metal.


  • Suit: Amunet wears a special suit when running her club and terrorizing citizens of Central City.
  • Bucket of alnico alloy: Amunet carries a bucket filled with specific metallic bolts nearby, specializing in the use of this metal to create constructs using her magnetokinesis powers.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Amunet Black is the criminal mastermind behind the Network, an underground black market in Central and Keystone City for super-villains to buy, sell, or move contraband. She is an enemy of the Flash and a leader of one of the variations of the Rogues.


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