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Chief Ana Lopez is the corrupt former police chief of the Freeland Police Department and Bill Henderson's successor.


Early life

At some point, Ana Lopez was married to an unnamed man. He later perished using his meta-human powers to murder her brothers, which was presumably the catalyst for her abhorrence towards meta-humans.[1]

Chief of police

On February 8, 2021, the anniversary of her predecessor's death, Lopez was introduced to the press by Mayor Billy Black and Jefferson Pierce as the new chief of police of Freeland. The following day, she went to Garfield High School with Detective Hassan Shakur, inquiring as to Jefferson Pierce's whereabouts at the time of an alleged crime. He denied knowing anything about it, and they left, both believing him to be lying. Following another attack in which a boy was beaten and nearly electrocuted to death, they visited the hospital, surprised at the fact that Black Lightning never usually attacked needlessly.[2]

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Chasing Lightning

Chief Lopez declared at a press conference that Lightning was public enemy number one as Lightning was the primary suspect in the death of a gang member.[3]

Because Lala was a fugitive, Chief Lopez procured "no-knock warrants" so that officers can raid homes to search for him.[4]

Chief Lopez had the social media account of Lightning under observation so when Lightning made a post for Uriah to promote the music program of Garfield High School, Ana watched it closely, noting that Lightning's body language suggested that she was attracted to Uriah. Ana had Uriah's account hacked and a fake message sent through the account to have Lightning meet with the young man. Ana decided that she did not want Hassan Shakur to know about the trap. When Lighting arrived, Chief Lopez was part of the Meta-Human Task Force that surrounded the hero, noting her drastic height change, and began firing their DEG's when the latter refused to surrender. However, Lightning managed to escape the parking garage and flew away.[5]

Meeting with the mayor

During a meeting with the new mayor, Tobias Whale, she was given a series of meta boosters,[6] which she then bestowed to Shakur to be distributed amongst the Freeland Police task force members for use against Lightning. However, Shakur reminded her of what her late husband did to her brothers after acquiring powers, asking if that is what she wanted her officers to go through. Convinced of his words, Lopez gave Shakur one month to stop Lightning.

Shortly following this, after yet another confrontation with Lightning in which she handed over Tobias Whale's right-hand man Red with evidence of his involvement in Uriah Coleman's murder, Lopez threatened to hunt her and other meta-humans down. Lightning then revealed that she was recording their conversation and promptly left. Returning to the Freeland Police Department precinct, Lopez realized that her fellow officers had seen the recording and, in a fit of panic, retrieves the meta boosters in her office and injects herself with one of them.[1]


Becoming obsessed with killing Lightning, Lopez began siphoning power from Freeland's power grid. Her actions were caught on security camera, which quickly reached Shakur, who confornted her with a SWAT team and tried to make her aware that she was endangering the people she had sworn to protect. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Lopez was more concerned that he rolled up on her with her own meta task force and proceeded to attack them. Lopez was soon forced on the defensive with a lightning shield as Shakur and his people returned fire. Soon, the original Lightning, who was secretly replaced by an ionospheric entity for weeks, appeared, much to Lopez's dealt. In the resulting clash, Lopez was overpowered and left defeated.[7]


Lopez refuses to accept that metas are good and is quick to jump to conclusions about them, calling them derogatory terms like "beasts" and "freaks". She was also willing to use meta boosters to become the very thing she hated.

Lopez is intelligent enough not to target metas who are beloved public heroes like Black Lightning and the Flash by extension, who got public opinion of meta vigilantes to be positive before the former returned to crime fighting in Freeland. She also developed an obsession with Lightning, which ultimately lead to her downfall. When a gang member Black Lightning hurt in retaliation for the death of an innocent ended up dead, she decided to pin the crime on Lightning to spark up her own Meta-human Task Force.

Lopez's hatred for the metas was so great that when she had Lightning's powers she planned to leave the entire city without electricity with the sole objective of using the power to kill Lightning.

Powers and abilities



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Black Lightning


  • Lopez shows bigotry towards Meta-humans similar to Kristen Kramer and is hypocritical in her ideals like the Cicadas.
  • Lopez is similar to JJ in the sense that they became the very thing they hated in order to take their respective rival down;
    • JJ took over Jennifer's life, in doing so becoming a being of pure energy with a physical body, which fueled her hatred of the latter in the first place.
    • Lopez injected herself with a meta booster serum to become a meta, which she focused her energies on hunting down Lightning.
    • Ironically, they both did these things to take down the same individual, Jennifer Pierce.