For the Grand Duchess of Russia, see Anastasia Romanova.

Anastasia is an attorney in Star City who temporarily worked pro-bono for CNRI.


At some point prior to early 2013, Anastasia began working at City Necessary Resources Initiative (CNRI) during a year-long pro-bono sabbatical from her law firm.

In February 2013, Laurel Lance introduced Anastasia to CNRI's newest intern, Thea Queen, who would be doing her community service at the office. Thea was unenthusiastic about being a "court-ordered slave", which Anastasia jokingly related to, as she already missed the benefits of working at her high-profile law firm, such as her six-figure salary. Anastasia then revealed to Laurel that career criminal Cyrus Vanch, whom they were prosecuting on behalf of a victims' advocacy group, was just released from Iron Heights Prison due to a lack of evidence. Laurel attempted to go to District Attorney Kate Spencer for help but Anastasia informed her she'd already tried that route and without new evidence against Cyrus, their hands were tied. When Laurel received a call, Anastasia took over Thea's orientation.[1]



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