Anastasia is a high-profile attorney in Starling City and a former temporary legal aid attorney at CNRI.


At some point prior to 2013, Anastasia began working at City Necessary Resources Initiative (CNRI) during a year-long pro-bono sabbatical from her law firm.

In early 2013, Anastasia was introduced to Thea Queen whilst the latter was doing her court-mandated community service at CNRI under Laurel Lance's supervision. Thea was unenthusiastic about her job, which Anastasia jokingly related to, as she already missed her "six-figure salary." She then revealed to Laurel that Cyrus Vanch, who they were prosecuting on behalf of a victim's advocacy group, was released from prison due to a lack of evidence. Laurel tried to go to DA Kate Spencer for help but Anastasia informed her she'd already taken that route and without new evidence, they can't take legal action against Cyrus. As Laurel went to take a call, Anastasia took over Thea's orientation.[1]



Season 1


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