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"And Justice For All" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on May 16, 2021.



Alice is as yet stunned that Circe is truly Kate, despite the fact that Circe doesn't trust it. Sionis is content with Alice's face-trading work and awards her opportunity, and Alice hesitantly leaves. Alice goes to Enigma and torments her for not educating her regarding Kate, and Enigma advises her to bring an object of Kate's that might actually trigger a memory. Alice returns down to the neglected train vehicle and gets a portion of Kate's youth keepsakes, just to find Ocean, who has been covering up there for two days. She ultimately discloses to him that Kate is alive, and they embrace. Sea and Alice visit Enigma and carry her the keys to Kate's bike. Puzzle discloses to Alice that bringing Kate's recollections back probably won't go consummately, and that she needs a trigger word to completely open Kate's recollections, yet Ocean cuts her before she can give it. Sea discloses to Alice that he adores her, and that he slaughtered Enigma since he's envious of Alice's interest with Kate.

Batwoman separates a False Face drug bargain, and incidentally finds a savage lady in an unwanted church.

The following day, Ryan bartends at a pledge drive occasion for the public venue. Luke shows her another different instance of barbarianism in Gotham, yet Ryan is hesitant to investigate it. Ryan additionally plays with Imani, the public venue coordinator she's been seeing, and she stresses that she won't have the option to pull off dating her and being Batwoman simultaneously. Cops appear at the bar with a commotion objection, and they at last capture Ryan and Luke after Ryan contacts one of the cops. Sophie appears after the assault and asserts one of the cops is adulterating his report, and he additionally acts hostile towards her. In prison, Ryan and Luke banter about how both of them ought to have reacted to the circumstance, similarly as Sophie gets tossed into their cell also. They each have an alternate point of view toward the experience, particularly compared with their narratives of growing up dark in Gotham. Ryan at first gets down on Luke for not making some noise during the difficulty and Sophie for profiting with the foundation as a Crow, yet they all accommodate and recognize each other's encounters.

A Snakebite client starts to turn had and assaults a lady in the road, taking steps to eat her face. A cop appears, yet the other Snakebite man-eaters start to assault him also. In the mean time, Mary keeps an eye on Jacob in her medical clinic, and she needs him to come clean with her about his Snakebite dependence. The man — Richard — advances toward Mary's center and binds himself to a bed, requesting help so he doesn't eat them. Richard uncovers that he took the new form of Snakebite, and that he'd trusted he'd fantasize his dead spouse. A greater amount of the man-eaters' casualties advance into Mary's emergency clinic.

In the end, the man-eater circumstance in Gotham deteriorates, and the Bat-signal is turned on. Imani appears at the prison and helps them three get out, however Ryan concocts a rationalization for why she can't invest energy with one another.

Mary recommends that the savage assaults are individuals in a real sense longing for others' recollections, and she sorts out an approach to switch the impacts. In the mean time, Sophie returns to the Crows central command, and Tavaroff and different Crows at first put down her, yet pay attention to her. Luke gives Ryan a portfolio loaded up with vials, with her infusing every one of the savages with the counteractant separately.

Batwoman battles the savages and attempts to regulate the antitoxin, however Tavaroff and the Crows show up and execute them all, against Sophie's orders.

As Mary and Jacob help the patients in the clinic, Mary perceives that Jacob took the Snakebite to get one more opportunity with Kate and Beth, yet she calls him out for breaking their own relationship all the while. Richard eats his own hand to escape his cuffs and leaves the clinic, assaulting a cop until Batwoman infuses him with the counteractant.

Ryan, Luke, and Sophie get together at the bar, and Sophie discloses to them that she's chosen to leave the Crows in the wake of seeing their debasement firsthand. They toast. Afterward, Ryan has drinks with Imani, and she concedes that she hasn't been totally fair with her, and says a final farewell to her.

Luke strolls to his vehicle and discovers a vehicle being carjacked by Eli, a white person who momentarily imparted a cell to them prior in the day. The Crows appear, and Eli faults Luke for the carjacking. Tavaroff botches the mobile phone in Luke's grasp for a firearm and fires him, and he implodes to the ground.



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  • This episode was first titled "...And Justice For All", a nod to a metal song by the same name from the band Metallica.[1]
    • The episode title was later changed to "Within Limitations".[2]
    • The episode title was changed again to "Within the Limitations".
    • The final title is the last four words of "The Pledge of Allegiance" of the United States.