"Keep screwing with me, and you won't just owe me a story. You'll be the story."
—Andrea to Lena Luthor[src]

Andrea Rojas is the daughter of Bernardo Rojas and an unnamed woman. She is a resident of National City, the ex-best friend of Lena Luthor, the billionaire CEO of Obsidian North and the owner and editor-in-chief of CatCo Worldwide Media. On Earth-38, she was secretly working for Leviathan and went by the name Acrata to accomplish their dirty work. When she invaded D.E.O. to save Russell Rogers, she was nicknamed the Shadow by Kara Danvers.[1] On Earth-Prime, she is still working for Leviathan but she was never an assassin, albeit she assumed the Acrata alter ego after "Gemma Cooper" order her to kill Supergirl, Lena managed to talk her out of committing a murder, leading Andrea to ultimately become their ally instead.


Original multiverse

Early life

Andrea grew up from a wealthy family, her parents are divorced, her mother dumped her father and traded up to a British Lord, so it was just her and her father, she grew up wealthy and was friends with Lena Luthor and met in boarding school, Lena told Andrea about her mother's dream about finding the medallion of Acrata, the medallion is like a good luck charm and bend individuals to their will, by the time they were adults, Andrea family's company is losing money and they could lose the company, her father is suicidal and has an insurance to take care of her. Lena found out where the medallion is and the legend Acrata is true.[1]

Bernardo Rojas

Bernardo talks to Andrea.

They went to Costa Rican Jungle and found the medallion before Lena got there, a spirit guide told Andrea to retrieve the medallion for herself to save her father and her company, even though Andrea doesn't want to betray Lena, she was desperate to save her father and took the medallion. She even lied to Lena about the medallion and use it to save her company and her father.[1]

Andrea joins Leviathan and receives the Medallion of Acrata

Andrea receives the Medallion of Acrata.

This spirit guide said the medallion is from Leviathan, Lena ran into Andrea and they are no longer friends when she found that Andrea took the medallion, Andrea wanted to apologize and she would help Lena, Lena could not accept her apology, Andrea met Russell Rogers and they started dating, Margot Morrison wants her to become an assassin. As an invisible assassin, getting that medallion comes from a price.[1]

Even if Andrea refuses, Leviathan will ruin her father and her company, her father would go to prison for insider trading, if she refuses, Andrea became the shadow and starts killing this individual connected Leviathan, Andrea was not a killer, but she was doing this against her free will, Leviathan organization wants to kill her boyfriend, but Andrea made a deal with them and Russell will be useful. They hold Russell against their will and make him a killer, Lena and Andrea reconciled and Andrea obtained CatCo Worldwide Media at some point after Lena Luthor sold it to her.[2][1]

Director at CatCo

Obsidian North

Andrea in Obsidian North.

In late 2019, Andrea appears in CatCo and Kara Danvers welcomes her and turns out that Lena sold CatCo to her and she's taking over as Editor in Chief. Later, Lena defies Andrea about the CatCo circumstance and it's reasonable they have a more profound relationship with Lena intending to convey Andrea a significant story. Andrea uncovers that there's another staff part coming and they will be about misleading content now and they're additionally unexpectedly on new three-year contracts and on the off chance that they leave, they won't have the option to work somewhere else. Andrea acquaints Kara with the new person, William Dey, and Andrea has given him Kara's story to rework. So Kara faces Andrea. At CatCo, Andrea is going ballistic about not having the record Lena guaranteed when James Olsen strolls in and stops.[2]

Andrea reassigns Kara to the style beat. She proposes a tale about James' bid rather and Andrea chooses she needs both, by lunch. Later, Andrea is furious that Kara was missing. William wound up keeping in touch with her article and Andrea reassigns her to duplicate altering. Andrea gets into Lena's lab and uncovers that she has trackers in the focal points, blames her for attempting to take the tech, and removes the focal points.[3]

Andrea working in CatCo

Andrea working in CatCo.

At work, Andrea wanted a sexy story of a murder when coming across billionaire Niles Jarrod who died at a club, she waved it off as nothing important, Kara Danvers and William Dey find themselves in a verbal altercation. William told the room he has already looked into the story, and there is nothing there. Later, she killed Caroline O'Connor following Leviathan's orders.[4]

Andrea is approached by Margot

Andrea is approached by Margot.

Andrea is getting ready to launch her Obsidian North's "Collective Dream" VR lenses this coming Friday, in approximately 3 days. After a quick meeting with her staff, she dismisses everyone. After a successful launch of her "Collective Dream" VR lenses Andrea gets into her limo only to be greeted by Margot.[5]

Andrea and Lena

Andrea and Lena.

After that Rip Roar was incarcerated in the D.E.O., Andrea was tasked by Leviathan to kill Russell. As a shadow, she tried to break in the D.E.O. by herself but failed due to Supergirl's interference. Andrea asked Lena as a friend to help her break in the D.E.O. by distracting Supergirl. Andrea manage to get Russell out of there and gave Lena the medallion as the favor and reminded her that the medallion is a curse. When Andrea tried to get Russell in a plane to escape Leviathan, Russell was shot and the messenger tells her that the power never came from the medallion but just activated her darkness and she can't escape it.[1]


Andrea at D.E.O.

After Russell's death, Rama Khan goes on to acquire Andrea Rojas and plans to use the power of the upcoming planetary alignment to detonate a dormant supervolcano under the tar pits of National City. Andrea refuses to continue following Leviathan's orders so Rama Khan arrests her. Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz are able to hold off Rama Khan until Rojas is able to break free and uses the Staff of the Shadow World to attack him. After the two are transported back to Leviathan’s headquarters Gamemnae grabs the staff from Rama Khan before he can strike Rojas. Gamemnae then goes on to inform Rama Khan that the Jarhanpurian Elder has removed him from power and she confiscates the staff from him. Andrea then comes back to her apartment.[6]


Andrea is saved by Gamemnae.

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Andrea as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[7] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[8]

New multiverse

"All I know is that Leviathan rescued me that day in the cave."
—Andrea Rojas[src]

She took the Medallion of Acrata like in the original multiverse; however she was never contacted by Leviathan after she took the Medallion of Acrata. She also never met Russell Rogers.[9]

Obsidian Platinum

During a briefing to increase Obsidian North's "Collective Dream" VR lenses, Andrea is interrupted by her old college mentor and friend Gemma Cooper. She excuses the room as the two catch up. Gemma examines her work with VR lenses and brings up the idea of creating a space and a new reality for people to escape to permanently that are unable to function in normal society.[10]

Obsidian North (Earth-Prime)

Andrea in Earth-Prime.

Andrea is very surprised and pleased to have a meeting with her former friend Lena, who apologizes for how she blew up on her 10 years ago and wants to rekindle their friendship. They are quick to patch things up, and Lane offers if there's anything she can help with her new powers, or Leviathan, and Andrea thanks her for her kindness. She later calls Kara and William into her office, informing Kara should will be running at receiving article on their former employee and her former friend, Winn now that he is a wanted fugitive. Kara protests, but Andrea demands she do it. Later, Andrea went to the National City University to make an announcement of the Obsidian Platinum; she was going to take a picture with one of the tigers, but it was revealed that he was the Winn/Toyman from an alternate earth who wanted to kill her and everyone at the university, but everyone was saved by the Superfriends.[11]

National City University (Earth-Prime)

Andrea is saved by Supergirl.

After finding some small bugs in the system, like the tasting of food, Andrea orders more workup and studies to be conducted with Kelly Olsen. Later that day she is visited by her friend Lena, hoping to see the latest upgraded model. When she tells her of the complications, she offers to help, but she politely declines. Days later her mentor and boss Gemma calls her, demanding to know why she declined help from the Luthors. She apologizes and calls her friend for assistance.[12]

Supergirl as Andrea Rojas's bodyguard

Supergirl as Andrea Rojas's bodyguard.

While at work in preparing to launch her Obsidian Platinum lenses, she is attacked by a mystical force in her private elevator but saved by Supergirl. Refusing to quarantine herself for her own safety, Supergirl is assigned to protect her for the day. After being attacked during a sitdown interview, she confesses to Supergirl, who wants her to remove herself publicly for safety, why this launch is so incredibly important to her. She agrees and, after being attacked for a third time, is stashed away at the D.E.O., much to her annoyance. Unbeknownst to her, her product was being sabotaged by a refugee alien whose husband committed suicide in part due to her Obsidian lenses. Andrea continues to work on her research in private.[13]

Kelly informs Andrea that the glitch in their systems fail safe wasn't fixed

Kelly informs Andrea that the glitch in their systems fail safe wasn't fixed.

The next day Andrea is reminded of an unattended glitch from two months ago where a person was unable to exit his Obsidian lenses. She insists the problem has been fixed, and it's just bureaucracy holding up the money. After coming to the conclusion that similar problems have happened, she demands nothing else goes forward until the escape glitch is fixed.[14]

Lex at his welcome back party at Obsidian North

Andrea greeting Lex at his return.

Later, Andrea was present with Gemma Cooper when Lex returned from touring the world and advertising Obsidian Platinum globally. The leaders of Obsidian North were pleased with their alliance with Luthor Corp as Lex had also launched satellites that advanced the VR beyond National City.[15]

Kelly and William tries to warn Andrea about Eve

Kelly and William tries to warn Andrea about Eve.

Andrea hosted the Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival. After the conference, Kelly tried to warn Andrea about how reckless her decision may be, but Andra insisted they have everything under control due to the glitch having been fixed, warning her not to waste her time anymore unless she had concrete proofs of the contrary. Later, Andrea was approached by Kelly and William for a question about Eve Teschmacher.[16]

Lena reasons with Andrea

Lena reasons with Andrea.

When Gemma grows tired of Supergirl's interference on her plans, she sends Andrea Rojas to deal with her, citing that she has always been Andrea's protector. When Andrea hesitates to follow directions, Gamemnae threatens that she will assure that Bernardo Rojas will not survive. So, Andrea, as Acrata and carrying a Kryptonite knife, finds Lena protecting the helpless Supergirl. Lena talks Andrea out of her plans and Supergirl talks billions out of using Obsidian North.[9]


Andrea Rojas

Andrea in her civilian persona.

Growing up, Andrea was very kind and caring individual. She showed great care and concern for the problems of others, especially her father and childhood friend Lena. She would do anything to help those she cares for, despite the personal harm or pain to herself, such as go on a dangerous expedition with Lena for the medallion of Acrata, betray Lena for the sake of her father's well-being, or join Leviathan to save her boyfriend Russell. As a businesswoman, she could sometimes come out as shallow and inconsiderate. She has very high standards for her employees and often makes subtle stabs and demands at them to match her expectations of them. She is shown to have a petty side as she threatened James legally about reporting after he left Catco on her. Yet, despite how she goes about business, in the end, she only ever wants to look out for the welfare of people.


Andrea as Acrata.

Andrea moonlighted as an invisible assassin working for Leviathan, recruited by this organization out of coercion and fear like Eve Teschmacher was. Yet, despite having to be an assassin, Andrea carries a strict code on not hurting anyone that she doesn't need to. She tries very hard to only focus on the target and not harm anyone else. When faced with Leviathan's plan to kill all the people in National City, she quickly moved to turn against them. In the new multiverse, Andrea never had to assassinate anyone but when she was activated by Leviathan, she was talked down by Lena to not go down the same path as before.

Powers and abilities


  • Dark magic-empowered human physiology: Andrea's normal human physiology was empowered due to coming in contact with the ancient Medallion of Acrata, because of her inner darkness, she was able to harness and strip the medallion of its mystical properties, thus; giving her new-found powers without the need for the medallion itself.[1] After the crisis, Andrea has kept her powers but doesn't seem to be able to use them as she could before.[13] After being reactivated Andrea is able to use her powers like before crisis.[9]
    • Umbrakinesis:
      Caroline is killed by the Shadow

      Andrea kills Caroline O'Connor.

      Andrea has the power to bend darkness and shadows to her will.[1]
      • Darkness empowerment: Andrea can use the darkness of an area to become stronger and faster. This is seen when Russell Rogers destroyed lights in the DEO making it easier for Andrea to teleport him away from the facility.[1]
      • Shadow embodiment: Andrea can transform herself into a shadow to hide her physical appearance without detection.[1]
      • Intangibility: Andrea in her shadow form is able to nearly become untouchable and she can use this to phase through solid objects.[1]
      • Teleportation: Andrea is able to teleport herself, and others by using shadows and darkness itself as gateways to travel from one place to another.[4]
      • Superhuman speed: In Andrea's shadow form, she can move swiftly at high speeds. She used this to quickly assassinate Caroline O'Connor and leave the scene in a matter of seconds.[4]


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Leader: Andrea is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.[2]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Andrea is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.[1]



Original multiverse

  • Acrata suit: When Andrea touches the medallion three times, a shadow dresses her in a dark suit. After the power merges with Andrea she doesn't need the medallion to summon the suit.[1]

Former equipment

  • Medallion of Acrata: A medallion that translates to "Leviathan". Andrea believed her powers came from the medallion, but was told it came from her darkness.[1]

New multiverse



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • Lena Luthor sold her CatCo Worldwide Media for $1.3 billion.[1][2]
  • Andrea and Lena Luthor met and befriended each other 15 years ago at Mount Helena Boarding School.[1]
  • Andrea's favorite movie is Titanic.[1]
  • Andrea's shadow-bending powers are very similar to the hero Obsidian's and coincidentally, she happens to own a company called Obsidian North. It's unknown if this was intentional or not.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Andrea Rojas is the superheroine known as "Acrata".
  • Andrea was born and raised in Argentina alongside her father.[1] In real life, Julie Gonzalo was born in South America just like Andrea.


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