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For the first Fiddler, see Izzy Bowin.

"I promise to make it quick. All you have to do is listen to the music."
"Who are you, and what the hell do you want?"
"You can call me The Fiddler, and I'm here to ruin your night.
—Andrea Wozzeck and Hartley Rathaway[src]

Andrea Wozzeck, also known as The Fiddler, is an ally of Red Death, a member of the Rogues, and a meta-criminal with the power to manipulate sound waves. She was also nicknamed The Fiddler 2.0 by the Team Flash.


Attacking Pied Piper[]

At some point, Andrea became a meta-human criminal and was recruited by Red Death to join her Rogues, to help her in take down the Flash and build a Cosmic Treadmill. The villain also gave Andrea a fiddle made with technology from Wayne Enterprises, transforming her into the second Fiddler.

So Andrea went to Hartley Rathaway's club to steal his sonic gauntlets, but he got away before she could. Then, she went back to Red Death's lair and claimed that the upgrade the speedster had provided her with did not work, but Red Death countered that it was Andrea's fault for not completing the mission, running through her and shocking her with lightning, reminding her that failure was "not an option." She demanded Andrea to get the gauntlets, or else she would die.

Andrea then returned to the club and threatened Hartley's gang and his boyfriend Roderick Smith, using her fiddle to pretend to have killed them. So the Flash appeared and electrocuted her with a lightning, but she used her sonic scream to stun them and eventually got the gauntlets. Owen Mercer rescued her from the club and Red Death used the gauntlets to power a machine that helped her regain her original form.[1]

Fight against the Rogue Squad[]

Jaco fights against Ana

Andrea fights against Jaco Birch.

Andrea and the Rogues later went to Fort L.U.K.I.A. to steal a vibration motor. She ambushed the Flash's ally Jaco Birch, fighting with his fire and her musical powers, but during the fight, they both started flirting due to their love for the band Nine Inch Nails.

Before Jaco being able to kiss her, Andrea betrayed him, but also showed her feelings for him.

Flash's Team vs the Rogues

The Rogues face off against Flash's team.

Regrouping with the team, Flash's allies were about to fight all the rogues until Red Death appeared, defeating the group and rushed her team away and took them back to their lair.[2]

When Mark Blaine betrayed Red Death, Andrea along with the other Rogues, fought him while the Flash and Iris West escaped their hideout, with Flash's last view of seeing Andrea and the others apparently killing Blaine.[3]

Invasion at CCPD and Defeat[]

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Powers and abilities[]


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Andrea's DNA and cells were altered, enabling her to access her new-found powers.[1]
    • Sound manipulation: Andrea can control and amplify any sound in her presence into powerful sound waves. She can either release a sound wave from her chest or her violin, which helps her focus her powers. She also has been shown to be able to use it as a sonic scream.[1]
      • Sonic scream: Andrea's powers allow her to emit a sonic scream, similar to that of Izzy Bowin and Laurel Lance.[1]
      • Sound immunity: It appears that Andrea's powers also gave her immunity to sound-based effects and damage, as she displayed no pain or even discomfort while using her powers in more destructive ways and was also unaffected by other metas with similar powers like Hartley Rathaway.[1]


  • Violinist: Andrea is shown to be able to play her violin.[1]


  • The Fiddler suit:
    Fiddler's violin (Earth-Prime)

    Fiddler's fiddle.

    Andrea wears a black suit while operating as her supervillain alter ego, the Fiddler.[1]
  • Fiddle: Andrea owns a Wayne Tech fiddle that she uses in conduction with her powers. She can also use the fiddle to teleport from one location to another.[1][2]


The Flash[]

Season 9[]


Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC Comics, Isaac Bowin AKA the Fiddler and his female successor Virtuoso are villains equipped with powerful fiddles.