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Angel Anne Zacharias is the daughter of the late Jefferson Zacharias.


Early life

Angel Zacharias was born to Jefferson Zacharias and an unnamed woman. When she was 12, her parents divorced and Angel was placed in the care of her mother. However, she remained close with her father.

When Angel was 15, Jefferson was executed.

In adulthood, she joined the U.S. Army.[1]

Taking revenge

One month after being discharged from the military, she decided to go on a killing spree and targeted all those who were responsible for her father's death by sending them a piece of the medallion from the gang before killing them. She starts by killing Judge Foster by crushing him and his wife. Later, she goes to kill the lawyer Frank Dejoy with two arrows. The Flash interfered but she managed to neutralize him and escape. Some times later, she went to kill Garfield but she accidentally shot his fiancée and when she tries to kill him, the Flash shows up and stooped all of her bullets. Later, she went to see Jack Callahan a friend of her father who supplies her with explosives. After a long talk, she realized that Callahan was the traitor that helped arrest her father and she kills him. At her houses, she prepared a pressure-sensitive plate filled with explosives to trap Garfield. When Garfield entered the house, he stepped on the plaque and Angels told him that he is soon going to die and that she wanted him to hear that she is going after his fiancé. When she was about to poison the fiancé at the hospital, the Flash showed up and saved her but Angel got the time to escape by the window. Outside, with the zip line, Garfield tried to gun her down but she managed to make a way to the roof of the hospital. There, she fought the Flash by throwing Shuriken but the Flash managed to catch them all but one that he received in the leg due to Garfield interference. Angels expressed her Anger toward him for her father's death and when Garfield was about to kill her, the Flash managed to convince him to spare her life and arrest her.[1]


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