"I know about the angel feather. Whatever your intentions, you're doing more harm than good."
John Constantine to Zachary[src]

Angel feathers are feathers from the wings of angels. Damage to the wings, losing a feather, is the only way an angel can enter the corporeal plane in physical form. When plucked out of an angel's wing, the feather acts as a magical artifact, connecting its user to the angel's magic.


Imogen reveals herself as fallen

Imogen enhances her strength after getting back the feather that "blessed" many faithful.

Losing her feather was part of a plot of Imogen's. Seeing to the death of Zachary from a snake bite, she took a hold of his soul while on its way to Hell and revived Zachary, placing her feather in his hand. Zachary started using the power to heal people and spread the word of God, however, the people he blessed would later turn into ghouls and the local wildlife, such as fish, would be corrupted and die out. Imogen's plan was for the ghouls to bring her the feather back, along with the gathered soul energy, strengthening her physical form.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Angel magic projection: The feather could produce Imogen's magic.
    • Regenerative healing: Using the feather, Zachary could heal any kind of disease or trauma, including regenerating missing limbs.[1]
    • Corruption magic: Although not intentionally, the people blessed by Zachary would become time bombs, later transforming into mindless ghouls, formed by magic gone wrong, as part of Imogen's plan.[1]
      • Wildlife death inducement: The magic rituals involving the feather also corrupted local wildlife, killing all the fish in a nearby lake.[1]
    • Force blasts: When Constantine tried to snatch the feather, Zachary was able to blast him with a force push, throwing him away.[1]




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