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Angelique Martin is the childhood friend/ex-girlfriend of Ryan Wilder, as well as a former member of the False Face Society known as Baby Doll.


Early life

Angelique meets Ryan Wilder at her foster home

Angelique Martin was a foster child and became a resident of a group home for girls in Wayside Heights in Gotham City. She would often sneak out of the facility without permission and return through the windows. One day when Angelique was 12, the window was locked until the new resident, Ryan Wilder, opened it, allowing her to enter. Angelique noticed that Ryan read the comic book featuring Ghost Kid, which she also liked. She started reading the book and a friendship formed between the young girls. Angelique promised that she would protect Ryan if the latter continued to open the window when necessary.

Later, Angelique noticed that Ryan was missing. Everyone else merely assumed that Ryan ran away from the group home.

Angelique allowed herself to be captured by the Candy Lady to see if Ryan was a captive; Ryan was and was delighted to see her friend, but feared for Angelique because she had been there for weeks without rescue. Hiding behind the door, Angelique attacked the Candy Lady. The Candy Lady retaliated with an aerosol spray that blinded Ryan who had jumped between the combatants. Angelique won the fight by hitting the woman with a candy jar; she then awakened Ryan so they could escape.[1]

Eventually, Angelique became jealous of Ryan when she was adopted by Cora Lewis.[2]

At some point, Angelique gifted Ryan a vase of flowers, which was later given to Cora.[2]

Drug addiction

Angelique was known to have a drug addiction. One day it got so bad that she was acting differently, as noted by Ryan. Trying to save her, Ryan took her drugs and went out on the streets, but then got arrested by the Crows.[3] Ryan served 18 months at Blackgate Penitentiary for Angelique.[4]

At some point, Angelique worked for the Iceberg Lounge, run by the criminal known as the Penguin.[5]

At some point, Angelique joined the False Face Society.[6]

Ryan's ex-lover

Angelique had a troubled relationship with Ryan Wilder. Victor Zsasz came to know about the women's domestic problems.[7]

In 2021, Angelique received a text message from Ryan, but Angelique pretended that Ryan had texted the wrong number.

Angelique went to the residence of Ocean but, during her search, she was interrupted by the arrival of Sophie Moore who wondered if she knew her. The two began to fight; when Angelique got the advantage, Alice entered the residence with an unsheathed butterfly knife. Angelique retreated.[1]

Drug dealer

New relationship with Ryan

Angelique in The Hold Up.

Choosing to reunite with Ryan, Angelique sent a text to her ex-lover; the ex-lovers met and called a truce to their squabbles. Angelique went to The Hold Up, where Ryan told her that Batwoman had caught the Candy Lady.[1]

After spending a night together, Angelique was talking to Ryan at breakfast and decided to give her a wristband, one for Ryan and one for her, which Ryan declined.

Ryan and Angelique in her apartment.

She then noticed and became concerned about Ryan's Kryptonite wound, to which Ryan told her that she was fine.

Angelique later attended an art exhibition at Gotham International where she was to provide the drugs for the clients there and came across Ryan trying to enter. She told Evan Blake that Ryan was her guest and Evan allowed Ryan entrance. Angelique admitted why she was there, but that she was also not using drugs; when she asked Ryan for her reasons, Ryan avoided to answer. Eventually, when the party went dark as Wolf Spider stole the Napier painting, Angelique was worried about what happened to her lover.[3]

Angelique finds Ryan at her door, practically unable to stand late one evening and takes her immediately to the hospital. As Angelique watches, the hospital does basic procedures on Ryan; then, the two wait. After two hours, Angelique sees a frazzled intern passing her and demands service; she explains to the young man that Black women die at a higher rate than other patients because they wait quietly as others are serviced, causing the intern to promise that Ryan will be seen hastily. Ryan smiles about what her girlfriend did for her, but calls the actions a bit excessive.

Doctor Rafael Rodriguez promptly arrives and questions Ryan, as Angelique observes. Ryan said her wound was an infection from a spider's bite. At the end of the diagnostic, Dr. Rodriguez recommends antibiotics; Angelique informed the medic that Ryan was temporarily disabled from pain so simple painkillers would not be sufficient. Ryan was without proper insurance to pay for better care or a closer examination; Angelique told the doctor to bill her, making Ryan slightly angry that Angelique was using ill-gotten funds for their benefit; Angelique told Ryan not to judge her.

That afternoon, Angelique goes to see Ryan at her apartment and notices that Ryan still has the plant that she gave her years ago and takes it as a sign of their love and friendship. Ryan offers an apron with The Hold Up logo on its front as another sign of affection; she says that Angelique can work at the bar to stop drug-dealing. Angelique scoffs; she is making too much money and has too much influence over people as a drug-dealer to lower herself by tending bar. Angelique reminds Ryan that she was not adopted as Ryan was. Ryan is insulted, but suddenly, a pain in her shoulder causes her to double-over. Ryan says that her medication is in the bathroom, so Angelique runs there to retrieve it. After Ryan takes her pills, Angelique gets a call on her phone and leaves because she has a sale to make.

While Angelique was out, she heard weird static on her phone; taking it to a hacker friend of hers, Angelique discovers that the phone might have been hacked for information. When Angelique returns to Ryan's apartment, she tells Ryan that she might not be able to trust her because Ryan may have helped the authorities access her phone and contacts. Ryan cries as Angelique leaves and absolves the relationship.[2]

Moving on

Angelique went to her apartment and was entertaining another woman when Batwoman suddenly appeared on the fire escape and frightened her. Batwoman said that she was there because she sought Ocean, Angelique's drug supplier; Angelique feigned ignorance, but gave Batwoman the hint that Ocean was able to grow mushrooms in the city. Batwoman threatened that Angelique could be arrested; noticing that the vigilante was acting injured, Angelique hit Batwoman off the fire escape causing her to fall hard on a car below.[8]

One last job

Angelique learned the technique necessary to make Snakebite.

A month passed and Angelique realized that she was still in love with Ryan; Angelique knew that, as long as she was a drug dealer, Ryan would not see her, so Angelique told the False Face Society that she wanted to quit. The gang members did not want this to happen because she was their chemist; however, they compromised by telling Angelique that after she accomplished one last job she would be freed.

Angelique went to Ryan's apartment and was allowed to enter by Mary Hamilton; Mary quickly grabbed her breakfast and said that she was going downstairs to let Angelique and Ryan talk privately. Ryan was adamant that she was not going to be in a relationship with a drug dealer; Angelique sobbed as she recounted how Ryan was her best friend and her love and how much she missed their relationship. Angelique said that she was done with her illegal ways, but Ryan said that she needed to think about their reconciliation first.

That night, dressed with a baby doll mask, Angelique did her last job; she was the driver of the get-away van that two members of the gang used after they killed Commissioner Forbes.

The next day, Ryan came to Angelique's apartment and told her that she knew that Angelique was the driver in the assassination. Angelique was scared, realizing that if Ryan knew, others would too, so Ryan revealed that she personally knew Batwoman, who would protect her; Angelique decided that she needed time to weigh her options.

Angelique was kidnapped after a struggle and brought before Black Mask who showed her a corpse hanging from a hook; he told her that that was what happened to those who left the False Face Society. Angelique did not care; she insisted that she wanted freedom or death. Black Mask took her phone and learned that Ryan Wilder was a major contact; he told Angelique that he would have Ryan killed if she chose to leave, causing Angelique to acquiesce.

Later, Batwoman arrived and freed Angelique from captivity, surprising her that Ryan actually knew the vigilante.

At Crows Headquarters, Angelique told Sophie Moore that she was the killer of the police commissioner; Sophie knew that was a lie, but, legally, she had no other evidence not to charge Angelique with murder. When Sophie asked Angelique why she was lying, Angelique told her that she would rather be in jail than have any harm befall Ryan. Angelique was sent to Edgewater Prison to await trial for murder.[6]


Weeks later, Angelique, who worked by pressing blue jeans, was visited by Ryan in Edgewater Prison. Ryan told Angelique that she was helping in the building of a community center; when Angelique commented that she would love to see it, Ryan remarked that she could if she relinquished the names of the killers. Angelique reminded her that she would need protection if she betrayed the gang, to which Ryan replied that Batwoman would be her guardian. Angelique got jealous and questioned if Ryan and Batwoman were so close because they were lovers; Ryan quickly denied it.

Later, Angelique, delighted to have two visits in one week, was visited again by Ryan who asked her if there were any rumors about prisoners escaping; Angelique laughed, saying that if there were a chance at escape , she would have already used it. Angelique wondered if Ryan was planning a prison break, but Ryan retorted that that was unnecessary when Angelique just needed to tell what she knew. Angelique was tired of prison; she agreed to tell Ryan everything.

Angelique was given a phone and was allowed to talk to Ryan as she was moved by Crows Security to witness protection. As the women talked, two vehicles surrounded the transport vehicle and started firing; the Crows agents were killed by shots through the windshield. As Ryan screamed on the other side of the phone which had fallen to the ground, Angelique, still chained and handcuffed, was abducted and stuffed into a car by members of the False Face Society.[9] Brought before Black Mask, Angelique was threatened with acid and chemicals to return to making Snakebite.

Angelique is threatened for Black Mask's release.

A few days later, a member of the gang held a gun to Angelique's head and threatened to kill her; Batwoman and Sophie watched the display until Black Mask was released from their custody and allowed to leave.

Returning to working on Snakebite, Black Mask arrived and asked Angelique to test her product; she refused, citing that she was clean now and did not want to indulge. Black Mask insisted, so Angelique told him that she was Ocean's assistant and learned through observation, not formal training. Black Mask realized that the Snakebite she had created was unpredictable.[10]

A fresh start

Angelique is moved to a barge with a chemistry lab and partnered with Ocean, after he was kidnapped by gang members; they are told that they will be videotaped as they make the latest batch of Snakebite. The two hesitate, but the gang member threatens them to comply. While making the drug, Ocean talks constantly about being in love with his new girlfriend as Angelique listens.

Just as the two finish and the gang member prepares to kill them, Batwoman arrives and allows them to escape.

Angelique and Ryan say goodbye.

Angelique later goes to reunite with Ryan at her apartment. When Ryan feels that Angelique should hate her, Angelique, in a moment of self-awareness and growth, blames herself and her choices for all that happened. She asks Ryan to accompany her to wherever witness protection can take them. Ryan says that she does not wish to leave Gotham City, but Angelique believes that it is a horrible city. Ryan insists that she can't leave, citing the new community center as a beacon of hope that she wants to develop further. Angelique accepts this, hugging Ryan goodbye.[11]


As a teenager, Angelique was the only one of the orphans who talked to Ryan. Over time, they formed a friendship, and when Ryan was kidnapped, Angelique acted as bait in order to rescue her. They ended up falling in love and had a relationship. She got involved in drugs and Ryan ended up getting arrested for her.

When they were reunited, they got back together. Although Angelique is still involved in drugs, she has proven to be loving and fearless in defending Ryan. But they ended soon after Angelique found out that Ryan had tapped her cell phone. She decided to leave her gang, doing one last job that turned out to be driving the escape car after they killed the commissioner. She regretted having done that and later turned herself in to protect Ryan.


  • Expert tactician: Angelique is a highly skilled tactician, as she can improvise incredibly quick and use her surroundings to her advantage. Even as a child, Angelique was able to come up with an intricate scheme to save Ryan Wilder by letting herself get kidnapped.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Angelique is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as she was able to best Sophie Moore, a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right. She was also aware of her surroundings, using it to her advantage, slamming Sophie in a wall and tackling her over a couch before using broken glass as a weapon.[1]
  • Chemist: Angelique became proficient in chemistry to become a valued member of the False Face Society.[6]


Former equipment

  • Baby Doll mask: Angelique used a Baby Doll mask to hide her identity when she was a member of the False Face Society.[6]



Behind the scenes

  • In Batman: The Animated Series, Baby-Doll was Mary Dahl, a former actress who was born with a disorder that stopped her from physically aging into an adult. She eventually became deranged because of it and adopted the Baby Doll identity.