Angelique Martin is a childhood friend and the girlfriend of Ryan Wilder.


Early life

Ryan Wilder and Angelique Martin at a foster home

Angelique Martin was a foster child and became resident in a group home for girls. She would often leave the facility without permission and sneak back in through the windows. One day, the window was locked until the new resident, Ryan Wilder, opened it, allowing Angelique to enter. Angelique noticed that Ryan read the comic book featuring Ghost Kid, which she also liked. Angelique started reading the book and a friendship formed between the young girls. Angelique promised that she would protect Ryan if she continued to open the window when necessary.

Later, Angelique noticed that Ryan was missing. Everyone else merely assumed that Ryan ran away from the group home.

Angelique allowed herself to be captured by the Candy Lady to see if Ryan was a captive; Ryan was and was delighted to see her friend, but feared for Angelique because Ryan had been there for weeks without rescue. Hiding behind the door, Angelique attacked the Candy Lady. The Candy Lady retaliated with an aerosol spray that blinded Ryan who had jumped between the combatants. Angelique won the fight by hitting the woman with a candy jar; she then awakened Ryan so they could escape.[1]

Eventually, Angelique became jealous of Ryan when Ryan was adopted by Cora Lewis.[2]

Drug addiction

Angelique was known to have a drug addiction. One day it got so bad that she was acting differently, as noted by Ryan. Trying to save her, Ryan took her drugs and went out on the streets, but then got arrested by the Crows.[3] Ryan served 18 months at Blackgate Penitentiary for Angelique.[4]

Ryan's ex-lover

Angelique had a troubled relationship with Ryan Wilder. Victor Zsasz came to know about the women's domestic problems.[5]

Angelique received a text message from Ryan, but Angelique pretended that Ryan had texted the wrong number.

Angelique went to the residence of Ocean but, during her search, she was interrupted by the arrival of Sophie Moore who wondered if she knew her. The two began to fight; when Angelique got the advantage, Alice entered the residence with an unsheathed butterfly knife. Angelique retreated.

Rekindled relationship

Angelique in The Hold Up.

Choosing to reunite with Ryan, Angelique sent a text to her ex-lover; the ex-lovers met and called a truce to their squabbles. Angelique went to The Hold Up, where Ryan told her that Batwoman had caught the Candy Lady.[1]

After spending a night together, Angelique was talking to Ryan at breakfast and decided to give her a wristband, one for Ryan and one for her, which Ryan declined. She then noticed and became concerned about Ryan's Kryptonite wound, to which Ryan told her that she was fine.[citation needed]

Angelique later attended an art exhibition at Gotham International where she was to provide the drugs for the clients there and came across Ryan trying to enter. She told Evan Blake that Ryan was her guest and Evan allowed Ryan entrance. Angelique admitted why she was there, but that she was also not using drugs; when she asked Ryan for her reasons, Ryan avoided to answer. Eventually, when the party went dark as Wolf Spider stole the Napier painting, Angelique was worried about what happened to her lover.[3]

Drug dealer

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  • Expert tactician: Angelique is a highly skilled tactician; as she can improvise incredibly quick and use her surroundings to her advantage. Even as a child; Angelique was able to come up with an intricate scheme to save Ryan Wilder by letting herself get kidnapped.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Angelique is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as she was able best Sophie Moore, a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right. She was also aware of her surroundings and using it to her advantage, slamming Sophie in a wall and tackling her over a couch before using broken glass as a weapon.[1]



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