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"Angels and Ministers of Grace" is the twelfth episode of Constantine. It aired on February 6, 2015.



Thomas Galen (Monster)

The Monster.

Taylor visited one of the city sheds run by a certain Garret, where she tried to break away from reality and the upcoming funeral of her brother by buying drugs for the purpose. When she got them, she hid behind a wall and began to prepare to administer the drug to herself when she was attacked by a mysterious attacker who stunned the woman and stuck two syringes in her chest, causing her apparent death. When the police showed up on the scene in the morning and secured the crime scene, the woman with black veins all over her body woke up, to the surprise of everyone present.

Meanwhile, Constantine returned to the mill, where Chas studied the bloody map and the radio for information about supernatural events. After a while, the man saw the thread he was following into the vast corridors. In one of the rooms, he met a meditating Zed, who pretended that she just wanted to rest. In reality, however, she was trying to get away from her abilities, which John didn't particularly like. Immediately after that, the exorcist returned to Chas, where Manny's body took over his friend's body, who was furious with his ally for sitting idle. He thought the map was out of order and burned it, then told about a patient who was rushed to the hospital, who was suspected of having an overdose.

On the angel's advice, the team drove to the local hospital, and to make appearances, John stabbed Chas with a screwdriver in his leg. Thanks to this, they came closer to the described patient with black veins. When Zed tried to inspect her with her visions, she saw a bright light, but the narrative interrupted the cardiac arrest of the test patient whom the doctors tried to save. As if that were not enough, Martin had an unknown seizure and she had to go to a hospital bed. As soon as it was stabilized, a brain tomography was ordered. Constantine at that time returned to Chas, whom he told about everything, while looking at the intrusive patient - Morris. The occultists went to the hospital morgue where they wanted to examine Taylor's body. It turned out that even after death it was filled with powerful black magic, which worried John, who ordered his friend to look for clues in Jasper's archives.

Black diamond shards housed in a box

Black diamond.

Meanwhile, Dr. Galen visited Zed, who was shown the test result. Everything indicated that she had a tumor at the temporal lobe that could trigger her visions. The whole conversation was watched by John, who felt sorry for his friend. As soon as the doctor left the room, Constantine tried to explain that people were always looking for a cause-and-effect relationship without seeing the other side of the medallion. Soon after, the man, stressed by the whole situation, went to the roof, where he was going to smoke a cigarette. Dr. Carroll wanted to help himself, which Manny joined a moment later. John ordered the angel to help Zed, but he tried to avoid, explaining that he could not interfere in her fate. Therefore, the exorcist stunned the angel with air from Hades, and then cast a spell on him to "lock" him in a human body. As a result, Manny lost access to his angelicness and was forced to help John, who, following the flashing light, found another victim in the hospital - Duncan Hall.

The man's body was torn and his heart glowed purple. It was then that John and Manny began to put the facts together, concluding that there was a powerful artifact called a black diamond involved in it all. Consequently, Constantine decided to return to the mill, and Manny would use the human body to search the patient files to discover what the two victims had in common. The exorcist found a piece of artifact in Jasper's hideout, which he checked on Chasa, while Manny was seduced by a nurse, helping him achieve his goal. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. Thus, they again found out that the killer can only get rid of those who did not take advantage of the second chance. So they suspected Morris, who had a colorful past. John decided to check it out alone and sent Manny over to Zed.

The man interrupted the patient's conversation with Dr. Galen, who tried to convince the woman to undergo the procedure, telling about his past and the second chance he had been given. After he left, Zed turned to Dr. Carroll, asking who he was. For she knew she was hiding something thanks to her ability. Manny introduced himself and tried to reassure the woman, avoiding questions about where her gift came from. Meanwhile, Constantine searched for Morris, finding him suffocated by an unknown force of darkness that stunned the exorcist. As soon as he woke up, he called Manny, with whom they discovered Dr. Galen, who would be the alleged killer. They ran to Zed, fearing for her life, where they made many accusations against the doctor. He denied it, but then began to run away. The team followed him, where it was Zed who understood her visions.

Zed Martin first time see real Manny

Zed Martin first time see real Manny.

To make these come true, John decided to free Manny from the doctor's body, and then tried to fight the monster. Unfortunately to no avail, so for the first time he put all his hopes on Manny, waiting for his arrival. According to Zed's visions, a heavenly light appeared, to which Galen began to follow, taking him with him, and the very shard that was in his body merged with the shard of Jasper's diamond. After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. Soon after that, Manny also appeared, whom the woman saw for the first time with her own eyes. She was happy to be able to talk to the angel, so Constantine decided to leave them alone.


  • The title is taken from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I Scene IV; "Angels and ministers of grace defend us!" is Hamlet's exclamation upon first sighting the ghost of his father.
  • This is the only episode of Constantine to have a direct connection to the rest of the Arrowverse. A character can be seen looking at an issue of Science Showcase. This fictional magazine first appeared in the Arrow episode "The Scientist" and later reappeared in The Flash's "Pilot". Also, the evil black diamond is made of dark matter, the same substance that empowers many meta-humans.
  • When Manny is looking at the hospital computer, Bruce Gordon's name is seen as one of the doctors in the facility. In the DC comics, Bruce Gordon is one of the main hosts for Eclipso.