Angus Stanton (died November 2019) was a corrupt assistant district attorney in Gotham City who framed innocent individuals to close more cases. As a result, he was targeted and killed by the Executioner.


Early life

During Angus life as a lawyer, he became corrupt and involved in convicting innocent and frequently poor inmates with the help of Detective Stu Donnelly and Judge Raymond Calverick. These inmates were sentenced to Blackgate Penitentiary and eventually executed.

At some point, Angus also prosecuted Jack Napier, a criminal also known as the "Joker".[1]

Murdered by the executioner

In 2019, Augus was on the phone with one of his clients but his car got smashed by an electric pole and he saw the Executioner staring at him. The masked figure then broke a fire hydrant, causing water to get in the place mixed with the electric pole. Augus tried to climb a metallic fence but was electrocuted to death.[1]


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Sometime after Angus's death, his past crimes were subsequently exposed to the public by Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman). As a result, the district attorney reopened all cases that were tainted by Angus and his co-conspirators' actions.[1]


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According to Dana Dewitt, Angus had a sense of justice as he brought justice to the victims of some of Gotham City's the most notorious criminals, as the citizens of Gotham saw him as a hero. However, this was ultimately nothing more than a façade.

In truth, Angus was actually a selfish, greedy, dishonourable and corrupt individual; as he (along with his co-conspirators, Stu Donnelly and Raymond Calverick) framed several innocent individuals for crimes they did not commit, for his own personal gain, simply to raise his reputation, as Angus felt no guilt, shame and remorse for his immoral actions; regardless whether or not these said individuals were wrongfully incarcerated or executed for crimes they did not commit.

These negative traits of Angus', were what eventually led to his deserved/justified death at the hands of Bertrand Eldon.



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