Ankov was the bodyguard of Jason Brodeur. He was arrested for murdering Camille Declan on his employer's orders.


In 2007, Jason Brodeur ordered Ankov to prevent Camille Declan from blowing the whistle on Brodeur Chemical's illegal toxic waste dumping. Ankov broke into the Declan family's home and murdered Camille in her daughter's bedroom with a kitchen knife. He placed Camille's husband Peter Declan's fingerprints on the murder weapon and hid it in the latter's car trunk to frame him for the crime.

Five years later when legal aid attorney Laurel Lance tried to clear Peter's name, Ankov arranged for a prison riot at Iron Heights to silence the two by bribing a guard into releasing a group of convicts. However, The Hood rescued Laurel and Peter. Afterwards, Ankov confessed to Camille's murder and the attempted hit on Peter, flipping Jason Brodeur in the process and ensuring their arrest.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Ankov was an extraterrestrial criminal and minor foe of Green Arrow. His first and only appearance was in World's Finest #114.


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