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Anne Queen was a pirate in Blackbeard's crew, and the infamous pirate's lover.


In 1717, while burying treasure on Grace Island in the Bahamas, Blackbeard presented the Earth Totem to Anne Queen. However, the totem began taking over her, causing him to shoot her in the head, temporarily stopping her. He buried the totem and his lover along with the treasure. Not long after, Anne and the totem were dug up by Damien Darhk and his naval forces. Anne was seemingly resurrected by the totem, fighting off all of her attackers, before her neck was snapped by Damien.[1]

Powers and abilities

Anne uses the Earth Totem.

Former powers

  • Abilities via Earth Totem: Anne's powers came from the totem which allowed her to control the earth.[1]
    • Chlorokinesis: The totem allows its user to control plant life, particularly vines, using them offensively.[1]


Former equipment

  • Earth Totem: Before her death, Anne was the owner of the Earth Totem.[1]


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