The "Anointed One"[1], also referred to as the Elder, is a Jarhanpurian elder and the true, unseen leader of Leviathan.


Original multiverse


Thousands of years ago, after the destruction of Jarhanpur, this being came to Earth with other members of her species. With their natural powers over the elements and technology, coupled with their immortality, the Jarhanpurians became worshiped as gods; this person was so immensely powerful that she was viewed as supreme leader and garnered fear from the other members of her own race. Over time, Leviathan came to be; however, instead of leading the covert organization personally, the "Anointed One", or simply the "Elder", as she was called because others will not say her real name, opted to allow Rama Khan to act as her representative. This choice garnered the ire of the other Jarhanpurians, but none chose to challenge the decision, fearing the Elder's wrath.

When Rama Khan proved that he could not handle the emergence of other super-powered beings, namely Supergirl and her Superfriends, the Elder stripped him of his rank, wondering if Tezumak would be a better leader; however, Gamemnae was ultimately promoted.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the Elder, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[3] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[4]

New multiverse

"I answer to another; it took me a long time to gain her trust."

In anticipation of Lex Luthor's arrival, Gamemnae ordered that the shields of their mothership headquarters be disabled. When they arrived, Lex was paralyzed by the shields, and Rama Khan was amused to see Lex bowing before him. When Rama Khan told Gamemnae that her orders were countermanded by the Elder for their security, Gamemnae switched the subject quickly.

Gamemnae conversing telepathically with the Elder.

Later, the Elder conversed with Gamemnae; the conversation caused her to transform temporarily into her true form and inspired Gamemnae to do drastic measures to prove herself as leader against Supergirl's interference in the Worldwide Unity Festival.[5]

Powers and abilities


  • Jarhanpurian physiology: Due to Elder's Jarhanpurian physiology, she has superhuman physical attributes.[5]
    • Telepathy: Though the Elder spoke with Gamemnae, Lex Luthor was not privy to the conversation.[5]


  • Intimidation: The other Jarhanpurians fear the Elder and do not dispute her decisions; though Rama Khan was the leader for millennia, he relinquished the rank once it was taken by the Elder and showed no display of rebellion, other than hidden insults, against Gamemnae's promotion.[6]



Season 5


"Technology has always been the answer. I'm glad the Anointed One finally saw it my way."
"She always knows best.
—Gamemnae and Margot Morrison[src]
  • In a deleted scene from "The Bottle Episode", Gamemnae and Margot Morrison discuss that the Anointed One has permitted Gamemnae to use technology to conquer the world.
  • With Leviathan destroyed, the Anointed One no longer has any way to attack Earth; it's implied she is too old to do anything herself, though she is implied to possess great power still.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Anointed One was an extraterrestrial being who was adopted by people of the Hebrew faith and a member of the League of Ancients. His first appearance was in JLA #70 (October 2002).
    • In the comics, the Anointed One was male.


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