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"You know, some of you may not realize, but before I was mayor, I was a cop in this very precinct. And it's because of these men and women every family in Central City can sleep comfortably at night."
—Anthony Bellows[src]

Anthony Bellows is the corrupt former mayor of Central City.


At some point in his life, Bellows was a police officer at the Central City Police Department. However, he eventually left for a career in politics and was elected mayor of Central City.[1]

In March 2015, Bellows held a campaign night for his re-election. Acting as waiters, James Jesse and Axel Walker attended, poisoning all of the wine, forcing everyone to give up all of their money before he would give them an antidote. However, the Flash eventually intervened, giving them an antidote concocted by S.T.A.R. Labs and taking down the two Tricksters.[2]

In Fall 2015, Bellows held a "Flash Day" rally to commemorate the Flash for, in the public eye, saving the city from a devastating singularity six months previously. Bellows presented The Flash with a key to the city, promising that Central City will always welcome him. Suddenly, "Atom-Smasher" began attacking the speedster and Bellows was rushed to safety.[3]

Corruption and run for re-election

At some point in fall 2017, Clifford DeVoe left Ralph Dibny a tip that Bellows had cheated on his wife. Acting on this information, Ralph took pictures of Bellows and his mistress, constantly using this to blackmail him for money. Eventually they came to an "agreement" that Ralph would receive $200,000 if he handed over the pictures. However, Bellows sent his security detail to threaten Ralph and make an attempt to kill him by blowing up his office. During this time, Bellows held a press conference for his second re-election at the CCPD, commenting that he was once a cop. Joe West and Barry Allen asked him later why Ralph was constantly calling him, with Bellows confessing. However, immediately after he left, Bellows told his security detail to get rid of Barry and Joe. Bellows met with Ralph, keeping his promise, but shot him in the face, he was surprised when Ralph was unharmed. Breacher appeared and attacked Ralph and the Flash, unintentionally providing a distraction for Bellows to hold Joe at gunpoint and lead him up to his helicopter. The Flash handcuffed Bellows shortly after.[1]

Iron Heights

Imprisoned, Bellows became a powerful figure in Iron Heights, having lackeys who gave him pudding and being able to fearlessly threaten the massive inmate David Ratchet. He played cards with the newly imprisoned Barry Allen, who used his secret powers to cheat and cause Bellows to drop out of the game.[4]


"Mayor Anthony Bellows. He doesn't just yell at his staff. He bellows!"
The Trickster[src]

At a first glance, it seemed that Bellows cared about Central City and its people. He also admired the Flash and all he had done. Later on, however, it was shown that he was corrupt; As soon as Ralph revealed that he had pictures of him having an affair, he wanted Ralph dead. It seemed that he regrets having the affair, as he told Barry and Joe, but this could have been a façade, as after he left, he told his security detail to kill the pair once they knew the truth.


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