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"I am going to save the human race, Sara. Maybe you can help me."
—Anthony Ivo to Sara Lance[src]

Dr. Anthony Ivo (died 2009) was a scientist looking to unearth a long-lost medicinal and chemical breakthrough dating back to the later days of World War II named Mirakuru, a deadly serum that gave those who consumed it superhuman abilities. He was killed by Oliver Queen after a series of conflicts on Lian Yu, the serum's final resting place.


"I never set out to hurt anyone. I started this quest to save people, to save the human race."
—Anthony Ivo to Sara Lance[src]

When Sara Lance awoke on the Amazo after almost drowning, she found herself in a cage. Ivo ordered the ship's captain to release her, and he took her back to his quarters. He informed her that he was a scientist who intended to "save the human race".[1]

Quite a while later, after capturing Oliver Queen (who adopted the pseudonym "Tommy"), he interrogated him, explaining that he was looking for a sunken submarine containing a serum created by the Japanese army during World War II, Mirakuru. After Sara tricked Oliver into confirming that his friends were alive, Ivo declared that Oliver would take them to Slade and Shado on Lian Yu, and then revealed that he was aware that his real name was actually Oliver.[2]

Ivo and his men took Oliver and Sara to land. They went to find Slade and Shado in their hideout, but when they couldn't find them, he ordered the ship's captain to blow the hideout up. He forced Oliver to take him to the grave of the Japanese soldiers that Oliver had stumbled on earlier, and when they arrived, he and his men searched for the hōzen, which Oliver had previously taken. When they were unable to find it, Ivo grew angry and demanded that Oliver tells him where it was, having the captain threaten to shoot Oliver's hand off. After Slade and Shado ambushed Ivo's group, he agreed to release Oliver. After the others escaped safely, Ivo shot the already-wounded captain in the head for his failure to prevent Oliver's escape and promoting the first mate of the Amazo to be the new captain.[3]

Ivo and his crew followed Oliver, Shado, Sara and a wounded Slade to the submarine. After they injected Slade with a dose of raw Mirakuru, Ivo and his men burst in, holding the three of them at gunpoint.[4]

Ivo took a defenseless Oliver, Shado, and Sara to the surrounding forest. He forced Oliver to decide which one of the two women would be killed, threatening that if Oliver did not choose, he would kill both of them. When Oliver leaped to try and stop him, Ivo killed Shado. A Mirakuru-enhanced Slade then burst out of the forest and wiped out most of his men, forcing Ivo to flee.[5]

When Sara, Oliver, and Slade all escaped Ivo, they set up camp for the night. Ivo contacted them using a walkie-talkie, telling Sara that he would ravage the whole island if it meant he could get the Mirakuru back. The group did not respond.[6]

While Oliver was sleeping, Sara took the radio from him and called Ivo. He pleads with her to come back to the ship with the Mirakuru, and he needs her, not knowing to believe him, she hangs up on him. The second time while Oliver was sleeping, she calls to Ivo and tells him that when he rescued her, she thought he was her savior. She also says that he made her feel if she was part of something big, but tells him that he is a bad person for experimenting on those people and torturing them. Ivo loses his temper and tells her that he will hunt her and Oliver down, he will torture and experiment on them, once again she hangs up on him.[7]

It is revealed that Ivo's wife, Jessica, has developed severe mental illness; it is implied that he is researching Mirakuru in hopes of finding a cure for her. As part of his plan to take the Amazo, Oliver allowed himself to be captured and interrogated by Ivo.

After being cornered by Oliver on a subsequent occasion, Ivo lures him into discussing Shado's death so that a nearby Slade can overhear. Slade later captures Ivo after taking over the Amazo. After he orders Ivo to reenact Shado's murder, Slade cuts off Ivo's right hand.[8]

He is left with Sara, Anatoly, and Thomas, along with Oliver by Slade.

Ivo is slowly dying from gangrene resulting from his amputated hand. He tells Sara and Oliver that he created a cure to counteract the effects of the Mirakuru; in return for the cure's location, he requests a quick death. They agree, and Ivo tells them that the cure is on the Amazo and gives them the key to it. Then Sara points a pistol at Ivo and is about to kill him when Oliver stops her and kills Ivo himself with two shots to the chest.


"You freaking psychopath!"
"History will make that judgment."
Oliver Queen and Anthony Ivo[src]

It can be assumed that Ivo was once a good man who was passionate about his work and dearly loved his wife, Jessica. However, once she became ill, it transformed Ivo into a murderous and obsessed man. He wanted to locate Mirakuru, a Japanese super soldier drug that grants someone an accelerated healing factor so that he could save his wife. In pursuit of his goals, however, Ivo was cold, ruthless, amoral and utterly uncaring; he had imprisoned countless people and relentlessly experimented on them for science. He also made the captain of the Amazo shoot his captives, so that they may remove the bullet and prove they are strong, Ivo's true cruelty had never been highlighted until he had finally located the Mirakuru and forced Oliver to decide who he should spare between Sara and Shado before executing Shado in cold-blood.

As a scientist, Ivo is very manipulative, at which he realized that Slade had loved Shado and got Oliver to admit that her death was his fault, which prompted Slade to attack Oliver.

Ivo is somewhat predictable, as Sara realized that when Oliver was captured on board the Amazo he would use truth serum to get him to talk which was correct and it led his men into a trap in the boiler room.

He cared very little for his crew, as shown when he shot the captain out of frustration for him constantly failing Ivo and then promoted the Butcher in his place but despite this, he showed genuine concern for Sara Lance and saved her from being one of his science experiments. She also apparently had a place on Ivo's table as she was able to stop the captain from killing Oliver but after Sara helped him, Shado and Slade, Ivo began to show less concern for her wellbeing and when she rebuffed his offer for a way off of Lian Yu for the Mirakuru he lost all loyalty towards Sara and rudely called her an "ungrateful bitch".


"Every war advances the cause of science."
—Anthony Ivo[src]
  • Expert scientist: Ivo was an expert scientist who intended to save humanity with Mirakuru. He tortured people on the Amazo for his work. Under his tutelage, Sara learned a lot about science, including how to use a microscope. Ivo spent his life studying the Mirakuru serum and also synthesized a cure for it.
"I can get him to listen to me."
"Like he listened before he shot Shado in the head?"
Sara Lance and Oliver Queen[src]
  • Skilled marksman: Ivo had some skill with firearms; he executed the captain and Shado with a pistol. He was accurate enough to shoot them both in the head.


"Take it. And show me... how you killed Shado. Show me!"
Slade Wilson to Anthony Ivo[src]
"I loaded the bullets, yes. I pulled the trigger. But you... you aimed the gun."
—Anthony Ivo to Oliver Queen[src]
  • Colt M1911A1: Ivo acquired another pistol and held it when he confronted Oliver Queen, Shado and Sara Lance on the submarine. He forced Oliver to choose which one he would kill, with the latter ultimately choosing to spare Sara.[5] However, Ivo admitted he never planned on shooting Sara.[7]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC Comics, Anthony Ivo, known as Professor Ivo, is a cybernetics genius who created Amazo, the synthetic android with the capacity to duplicate the powers of all the Justice League members.
  • Ivo's ship is called the Amazo as a reference to the android he created in his comic book incarnation.
  • Ivo served as the main antagonist of the first half of the "flashbacks arc" of Season 2 of Arrow.