The Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) is a joint initiative between the mayor and the Star City Police Department that operates from City Hall, and reports directly to the mayor, as they attempt to enforce the law in Star City.



The anti-crime unit was formed from an initiative put forward to the mayor (presumably by then Captain Frank Pike) which Mayor Queen was unsure about without conducting an inquiry in to allegations of corruption within the Star City Police Department.

After Mayor Oliver Queen was kidnapped at the dedication ceremony for the statue of Laurel Lance/Black Canary, Thea as Speedy found out where Oliver and the hostages were being held, rescuing them.

Oliver found out there was a bomb wired to the building and they had to come back for the hostages because they could not get down to the hostages because there was a laser tripwire blocking their path. At the recommendation of Quentin Lance, Lieutenant Sam Conahan and 3 other unnamed officers joined a strike team that assisted the Green Arrow in rescuing the other hostages taken at the waterfront. After this Oliver held a press conference to officially announce the formation of the Anti-Crime Unit consisting of those four officers.

Known members

Current members

  • 3 unnamed officers

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