The Anti-Killer Frost Derringer was made by Cisco Ramon to temporarily weaken Killer Frost's powers by firing a bolt of heat energy, which could cause her a bleeding injury.


During Barry and Cisco trip on Earth-2, Cisco created a weapon that could neutralize Killer Frost and went to CCPD to meet Iris and talk about it. Iris Glad, try to take the weapon much to Cisco objection that prefer to keep it so she, Cisco and Floyd Lawton decided to go in a warehouse where an Intel told Iris that Killer Frost and Deathstorm were there. After meeting with Reverb, Barry as the Flash temporary neutralize Zoom's lieutenant and Iris took the opportunity to take the Derringer from Cisco and shoot Frost and Deathstorm but it only injured Frost and make Ronnie angry.[1]

Later when the Team decided to search for Barry after Zoom kidnapped him they have a brief fight with Killer Frost and Cisco manage to threatened her with the Derringer.[2]


The Flash

Season 2


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