For the protective suits designed and created by Winn Schott on Earth-38, see Anti-Kryptonite suits.

The Anti-Kryptonite suit is a protective suit developed by Lena Luthor for Supergirl to protect her from the effects of Kryptonite.


Lena making the suit

Rama Khan had enough Kryptonite to kill Supergirl and was able to track her movements so Lena Luthor,[1] remembering that she had made Kara a suit on Earth-38,[2] decided to make one for her on Earth-Prime. The two went to Luthor Corp via transit and Lena started making the suit. However, Supergirl was needed to save William Dey from Eve Teschmacher before it was completed. Once Kara used her powers, Leviathan attacked her with their Kryptonite. As Supergirl laid poisoned, the suit arrived and enveloped her. She used it to destroy the Jarhanpurians in an explosion, but when she saw them reintegrate themselves, proving their immortality, Supergirl, wearing the suit, quickly retreated.[1]



  • Kryptonite filtration/immunity: The suit is designed to filter out Kryptonite in order to fight against the Kryptonite weapons used by Leviathan.
  • Heads-up display (HUD): A HUD was built into the suit to give Kara readings on the suit's current state.
  • Suit storage: The suit can now be hidden inside Kara's usual suit, using her symbol as a release mechanism.

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