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For the protective suit designed and created by Lena Luthor on Earth-Prime, see Anti-Kryptonite suit (Earth-Prime).

The Anti-Kryptonite suits were a series of protective suits designed and created by Winn Schott, to protect Clark Kent as Superman and Kara Danvers as Supergirl respectively, from the radiation effects of green kryptonite.

The Fort Rozz Kryptonian escapees employed their own version based on Kryptonian radiation shielding and predated Winn's design and in fact inspired his work.


Astra and Non's army employed Anti-Kryptonite suits (really, small clip on electronic devices which were on vest) that blocked the effect of green kryptonite radiation, but did not block bladed weapons forged with kryptonite alloys, as Astra discovered when Alex stabbed her with a kryptonite sword.

Later, to combat Metallo, Winn Schott created a crude version of the technology to temporarily block green kryptonite radiation.

New multiverse

Since they retained their knowledge of Earth-38, Kara and Lena Luthor discussed how Kara had an Anti-Kryptonite suit and that another needed to be made for her adventures on Earth-Prime.[1]


  • Green Kryptonite resistance: The suits are used to defend Superman and Supergirl respectively from the Metallos and their Green Kryptonite.

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  • It is unknown if the Anti-Kryptonite suits can protect the Kryptonians from the radiation effects of Red Kryptonite; as it affects the Kryptonians' emotions, not their physical attributes.