"There is no planet Earth in the antiverse, but there is a world called Qward. Qward is a place of pure malevolence, and Anti-Matter Man is a walking, living expression of evil. He is more than a hundred meters tall, and beyond the considerable powers he possesses, in a positive matter universe, his mere touch brings explosive decay and death. The Weaponers of Qward created Anti-Matter Man as a weapon, to be used in an invasion of the positive matter universes. But so great and terrible was his power that even the Weaponers feared him. And so they locked away their creation, sealing him within the core of a moon."
The Stranger about the Anti-Matter Man's origin to Barry Allen[src]

The Anti-Matter Man was a weapon originated from Qward in the antiverse whose goal is to invade the positive matter universes. In an alternate timeline, he caused a crisis in 2018 and was ultimately destroyed by Supergirl's Super Flare on Earth-38.



At some point, the Weaponers of Qward created the Anti-Matter Man as a weapon to invade the positive matter universes. However, due to the dangers of the Anti-Matter Man, the Weaponers sealed him within the core of a moon.[1]

Crisis of 2018

The following took place in an alternate multiverse where Flashpoint never occurred.

At some point, the Anti-Matter Man escaped his confinement and started to target the positive matter universes. In 2018, the Anti-Matter Man arrived on Earth-27, where his presence started to intoxicate the atmosphere, killing all of its residents except a few thousand speedsters in Central City and the Crime Syndicate of America, who escaped through an interdimensional breach to Earth-1. After destroying Earth-27, the Anti-Matter Man tried to reach the breach to Earth-1 but due to his low speed, he failed when the heroes of Earth-1 closed it.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Positive matter destruction: If the Anti-Matter Man comes into contact with any positive matter, he will destroy it, to the point that an entire universe's atmosphere would be poisoned.[1]


  • Slowness: Despite his sheer size and power, the Anti-Matter Man moves incredibly slow, to the point that it took him hours to reach a breach.[1]



Behind the scenes


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