"This code will replicate the combustive effect of the heat and cold gun crossing streams using nanotech. The only thing that's made him flinch so far."
Zari Tomaz[src]

The anti-magic gun is a nanite-based pistol constructed physically by Ray Palmer with a complex technological code to the nanites written by Zari Tomaz. It is made to counteract the dark magic of Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk by simulating the effects of a Heat Gun and a Cold Gun crossing streams.[1]


John Constantine suggested finishing work on it to execute Sara Lance in case she were possessed by Mallus,[1] but it was eventually used by Ray Palmer to shoot Nora when she was about to kill Amaya Jiwe. The effects nearly killed her, but Ray was able to give a cure to her shortly thereafter.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


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