"My readings indicate you were exposed to an extra-universal material that destroys positive matter on contact, a substance known as antimatter."
Gideon to Barry Allen[src]

Antimatter is an extra-universal material that destroys matter on contact within the multiverse, having the ability to completely destroy a universe, erasing it from existence.



According to Gideon, antimatter is an extra-universal material, meaning that it does not exist within the multiverse, which is mostly made up of matter; rather, antimatter exists outside it, though it is still unknown how the substance is able to make its way into the multiverse.[1]

Antimatter walls

Antimatter wall

Barry finding an antimatter wall.

In the Speed Force, barriers known as antimatter walls appear when an antimatter wave has a possibility of hitting on a specific date in the respective universe. This can bar a speedster's physical body from time travelling to that date and the few succeeding dates (such as when Barry Allen attempted to time travel to December 11, 2019, a day after a supposed crisis, but was ejected by the Speed Force), though speedsters in their prime are able to beam their mind to those dates with less lethal consequences, as opposed to inexperienced and/or old-aged speedsters, with the assistance of a machine such as a neural hyper-collider, which can harness neural electricity and transfer it across superluminal particles (also known as tachyons) to project one's consciousness across space-time.[1]


Discovery and detection

File:File:Multiverse map.png
"For the past year, I've been detecting antimatter signatures across the multiverse. Now, we don't know their origin. But if my algorithm is correct, all Earths could be in danger."
Jay Garrick[src]

Between 2018 and 2019, Jay Garrick detected a number of antimatter signatures throughout the multiverse. By October 2019, he had marked multiple antimatter signatures on his map, as he detected them near Earths-2, 6, 7, 17, 21, 26, 32, and X.[1]

Barry's leg wounded by antimatter

Barry's leg wounded by antimatter.

When Barry Allen attempted to travel to December 11, 2019 in October 2019, an antimatter wall blocked his path, causing the Speed Force to eject Barry back to his native time period, and if not for his accelerated healing factor, the antimatter would've consumed him out of existence. The reasons for the antimatter's presence within the Speed Force were the impending antimatter wave to hit Earth-1 on December 10, 2019 and the uncertainty and numerous possibilities of future events.[1]

Earth-2 destroyed by antimatter

Earth-2 is destroyed by antimatter.

In October 2019, antimatter was unleashed upon Earth-2, killing its population and ultimately destroying the universe.[2]

Possible future

In a potential future (as one of the billions of potential futures viewed by Barry Allen), antimatter made its way into Central City of Earth-1, wiping out the entire universe and its population as a result.[1]


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, antimatter is defined as the "antiparticles" of regular matter found in the universe. Particle accelerators around the world regularly produce tiny amounts, with only a few nanograms having been produced in total.
  • In the DC comics, antimatter is an alternate form of matter comprised of antiparticles. It functions in direct opposition to positive matter and contact between the two will ultimately destroy the particles of both.


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